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Catching up . . .

Along with catching up on my news on CNN.com, LA Times, and The Huffington Post I usually hit a few Celeb-gossip sites too . . . People, Just Jared and US Magazine . . . . I came across these photos today and thought I would share . . .

Super cute sweetpea and I adore her tunic and shorts

Ummm yes, he's still got it!

She is absolutely stunning . . . no wonder "Bond" snatched her up and married her!

Ok is it me or is Steve Carell extremely handsome in this photo?!!

These two are just too cute and seem so down to earth!

Love that these two are still together . . .

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  1. Aww these are so sweet!! Love them all. I agree with all of your captions too.

    And yes, surprised how good Michael Scott looks with gray hair and stubble! ;o)


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