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Debbie Downer . . .

Our weekend was fantastic and mellow and we needed it! We got to catch up with some dear dear friends of ours, swim all day long, workout with my sister (insane fun!), have alone time with little Ms. E, and FINALLY . . . get my closet organized (with the help of my Martha-Stewart-like sister)!  I can't tell you how much anxiety it was giving me every time I looked at it . . . I feel as though I have completed something worthy of a medal, say in "closet beautifying."

We also finally chose Ms. E's preschool (which was also giving me anxiety) . . . and I am so excited for her but so so so sad she is starting school.  I wont be able to be there for her first days .... (dont get me started or I will just cry and cry and cry) but Daddy Hotpants will be there to reassure her, hug her and tell her she is going to love it!

Sorry for a short post today, a small 2ft person, whose name shall remain anonymous (starts with an M and ends with an N) got rather excited at my laptop and somehow disabled it entirely! I will be back tomorrow with some fun!

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