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So it's official . . . Tracy is trying to kill me (Tracy Anderson) so I have been searching for some motivation (remember those leather skinny pants!!)

I have been taking 2 killer cardio classes on the weekend with my sister and they are awesome!  Zumba, which is so much fun and you can increase the intensity as little or as much as you like, and Piyo (a combo of pilates and yoga on acid) its an hour of intense transitions, moves, holds and cardio.  The trainer, Dwana, is AMAZING and has the best motivation and energy . . . she makes me want to do that last set!  She has said a few things in the class that have stuck with me and I wanted to share.

"You don't have to start out an expert, you just 
have to start."

"Before you quit, modify"

A few other things people have recommended for increasing energy and for helping with the workouts.

new cardio dance shoes . . .

And burp-less, odor-less fish oil . . . 


  1. ohh i love those sneaks!! good for you, im doing p90x and it is kicking my butt.. literally, I can hardly walk :)

  2. yep, new work out shoes always help! need to get myself some asap!! ;)
    xo TJ


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