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Nope! Not gonna happen

I was just thinking the other day how much I missed sleeping . . . Sleeping in, napping, sleeping a full night without one crying baby interrupting me and I realized that there was something that still needed to be tackled during the night! And I decided "nope, not gonna happen"

You see little Ms. E has just turned the corner and is fully potty trained (as usual she rocked our world and did it on her terms and in her time just in time for preschool in 2wks) and last night when I was putting on her nighttime pull-up I realized that we are going to have to give that up one day which will result in about 5 nightly wakings to go potty and because nighttime is scary and dark she won't go alone and because she won't wipe her own bum bum yet I'm going to have to get up with her; so then I decided . . .

She can go to college wearing pull-ups right??!!! Cause I can't do it!!!! I can't get up and down all night long!

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