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Now that I'm older . . .

I won't say I am wiser but I will say I am starting to pinpoint exactly what I like and don't like.  In my 20's and even up until a few years ago, I had a lackadaisical attitude towards things.  I liked what I liked and didn't really pay any attention to detail on what or why I didn't like something.  But the older I get the more I feel as though I am "fine tuning" my taste . . . and it is in everything: food, decor, architecture, jewelery, people, etc . . . and it feels marvelous! Absolutely liberating to actually have a definitive opinion on things (not so much on politics though!) . . . This may seem strange to those people who have had strong opinions and likes their whole life but to those of you who were like me, start thinking about it  . . . I bet you have honed in on your taste.

i like . . .

* ankle bracelets
* thumb rings and knuckle rings
* oversized sunglasses
* elephants
* birds (not as pets but in decor/fashion)
* toe ring sandals
* prosecco & margaritas & mojitos & champagne
* maxi dresses
* deli sandwiches
* being a vegetarian
* dancing (for fun and exercise)
* karaoke
* open knit sweaters
* white linen pants
* stripes in anything (fashion, decor, candy!)
* arched doorways and ceilings
* English gardens
* Europe
* large cars
* open knit sweaters
* singing in the car to LOUD music
* having my hair blown out at a salon
* my nails short and natural
* my hair its natural color and long
* distressed rustic wood
* fireplaces
* straight lines (landscaping, architecture, decor)

i don't like . . .

* eggplant
* things at diagonals
* bananas in my smoothies (although I love bananas to eat)
* babies/children in bikinis
* halter neck anything!
* circle windows
* arched windows
* fennel
* cats
* bad manners
* hangnails
* kitten heels
* modern homes, lights, lamps, furniture (contemporary yes, but not cold sterile modern)
* faux leather ottomans
* minimalist
* working out (at gym on a treadmill or elliptical)

Have I got you wondering what your likes are?

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  1. LOL this made me laugh - kitten heels. NO thank you! ha!


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