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The abode . . .

Just a few pic's from around the house lately . . .

These birds were in the yard when we bought it and I was definitely throwing them away but now I kinda dig them . . . I see some spray paint in their near future . . . 

My gorgeous new orchid from our dearest "nana" (the girls nanny) . . . . lets see if I can keep it alive . . . speaking of that, "have I watered it lately??"

Best housewarming gift EVER from my Lil "amazing" sis!!!!!  I put it in our front yard to freak out our neighbors when we first moved in!

My little horticulturist . . . 

or digger!

This birdhouse also came with the house and I love it but it is in need of some serious TLC . . . spray paint!!!

I don't mean to sound snooty or posh but I do have an avocado tree you know! And if you look close you can see 2 huge avocados!!! There are 8 on the tree right now, can't wait to taste them!

 A little vignette . . . . my little DIY, spray painted gold pine cones - oh yeah, I'm crazy creative!!!

 still seems to take my breath away when I see little scenes like this around the house . . . pinch me because my life has to be an amazing dream!

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