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Holy cow batman . . . yesterday was a blur!  I took the day off to do doc and dentist appts.  It went a little like this . . . . 8:30am mama's annual dr. appt, 10:30am preschool visit with Ms. E to see how she liked it, 1:30pm Harper's 1yr doctor appt with 4 shots and a finger pinprick (but she was tall and lean for her age group and a very healthy babe), 3:30pm first dentist appt for Ms. E and she had to go back with the hygienist by herself! (thought there were going to be crocodile tears but she blew me away with her bravery and grace, all I could hear was her asking a million questions ..... she is just like her mama), then finish the day with 4:15pm dual private swim lessons for the girls (this was our 3rd time and finally less tears) . . . . it was a day of driving, pep talks, promises of "no" shots, and "firsts" as these were all new doctors/dentists since we moved.

All in all my girls ROCKED!!! I am one proud (and tired) mama bear. 

This weekend I hope to lounge by the pool with my girls, Mr. Hotpants and some good friends, FINALLY organize our closet (it is an absolute disaster since the move, I think I have worn the same 6 outfits on rotation since we moved!!), and workout!  What are you up to?

I will also be contemplating these buys . . .

amazing super soft T's and accessories via

Turkish bath towels via Etsy

great little ring

ummm yes please! Urbanoutfitters!!

And I am enamoured with this master bedroom . . . . .

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  1. You go Mama! That lampshade is from Urban Outfitters? Im heading there now!


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