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Another reason I love Fall . . .

The TV!!!!! I don't watch TV at all really but when Fall rolls around I have a few "can't miss" shows.  Although with 2 babes and working full-time we never watch them on the night they air . . . we DVR them and watch on a Friday or Saturday night cuddles up on the sofa and I LOVE IT!!!!  Here are my fav's . . .

Another "secret love" of mine for Fall? . . . . Football! Yes I said it, I love football season and its not so much that I actually watch any of the games (occasionally) but I love when Mr. Hotpants is watching football and it is on in the background while I'm making pumpkin bread with Emerson or drinking tea and watching the girlies play.  The lyrical aspect of having Football on gives me a sense of family, of bonding, of game-day BBQ's and yummies, socializing and relaxing and casual get togethers . . . it's just cozy.

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