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It's known that I love gold . . .

And I am especially becoming addicted to gold spray paint!  I can't believe how easily you can transform the look of a room by painting a key piece or a few small accessories . . . I am painting a few things for the girls rooms which I will post soon, but here are a few pieces from this weekend.

 Emerson helped me pick a huge bag of pine-cones from a park by our house that she has aptly named "Pine-cone Valley" and I sprayed some orange and gold (I also did some navy blue for a different area in the house!)

This was the easiest little project! Just took some painters tape and taped off the toes in some old Steve Madden brown leather heels (be sure to tape of the sole of the shoe also) and sprayed them gold (seen here, here & here)

Over the weekend I also found this amazing recipe, which resulted in Emerson and I having to quickly get our bums to the store to pick up the "four" ingredients!!! Pretzels, butter, brown sugar, and chocolate chips!  I think next time I may add a little vanilla to the caramel, or mint extract or coconut! And I love the idea of making it and putting in a glass canning jars for little holiday treats at Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.  It is so fast and easy (no brainer) that this may become my "signature" sweet!

Go now and make this . . . you will thank me later!

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