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Did I forget to tell you . . .

That Mr. Hoptpants and I went to the Madonna concert last week?  Well it was awesome, we were in the 5th row (Mr. Hotpants did good) and we could touch the stage! Thanks to grandma for taking care of the girlie's we were able to go to dinner and the concert and then stay overnight downtown. It was a great day/night.  

We checked into our hotel, the Los Angeles Athletic Club, (I used to work here) and to my surprise we got the Polo Suite and I loved it, it was Don Draper meets the polo club!   Here are a few pic's . . . sorry for the dark blurry iPhone pics . . . oh and randomly we had a two day storm here and it was while we were here , which made this suite all the more cozy!

Then we went to dinner at The Parish which was just awesome! I had the deviled eggs (out of this world), the beet and Greek yogurt salad, celery corn mash (insane) and the sticky toffee pudding!  It was delicious, not to mention their signature punch was too easy to drink, if you get my drift, and of course I had to have one of their signature gimlet's . . . when in Rome, right?  Can't find any good pic's but the decor was awesome too . . .wallpaper loveliness!

Followed by champagne, with some wonderful girlfriends and my sister who were also going to the concert, at the top of the Downtown Ritz, at WP 24 Restaurant (Wolfgang Puck) . . . amazing views!

Lastly we got to the concert and Madge, Diva that she is, did not start until 10:45pm!!!! I was a little upset, tired and tipsy! But when she came on the show was worth it! and she is actually very small in person, toned like no other, but surprisingly petite!

Mr. Hotpants and I waiting for Madge!

Too bad we didn't run into Neil Patrick Harries, Nicole Richie, or Jessica Alba who were all there the same night!!! But we did randomly see Richard Branson! 

It was fantastic but as the mama and dada of 2 little babes we were ready for bed at 9pm . . . we seriously could have gone back to the hotel after dinner, put on PJ's and rented a movie . . . that would have been amazing too!

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  1. I know what you mean. Kevin and i spent our night away just walking walking the streets of San fran for hours on end (and like nerds looking in bookstores) because those are the things we can't do with kids. You two are so cute and loving the pictures of the glam clubby place you stayed in! Madonna just gets better and her boobs alone are worthy of headlines!


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