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Monday Madness

Hi sweets! how was everyone's weekend?  Ours was . . . busy and while that is fun it is exhausting! So this week is going to feel L O N G.

We were able to catch up with some good friends, and I got to see one of my bestie's from high school all cute and pregnant at her baby shower.  I had high hopes for projects around the house and some cute pumpkin patch photos of the girls but when the 100 degree weather stuck its ugly face back in my weekend none of that panned out!

So in this Monday randomness I have a few things to share . . .

Mr Hotpants ordered this stuff for himself (for after shaving), but little does he know I have been using it like crazy!!! I had no idea how much it was so when I saw, I thought it seemed pricey for what it is BUT ladies this is worth its weight in gold! I have been using it on my bikini line, legs and underarms after I shave (now Mr. Hotpants is going to know why he has to order another one so soon) and WOW.  I have fair skin and sometimes when I shave, even on my legs, I would get a reddish rash and/or some red annoying bumps but since I started using this I have N O N E of that. . . like N O N E!!!! It has glycolic acid and chamomile and these ingredients make this a magic potion, but I will say it does sting quite a bit when you first put it on, so try it on a small spot first!

Modeled here by our own Lucy Sue (she was fast asleep)

Another thing that you should all be in "the know" about are these fantastic mirrors that are on sale right now!  I actually waited until I received two myself before telling y'all so that they didn't sell out before I could order them!  They are a great price for the size and quality.  I love the shape and lines of these and I have the perfect spot in mind for them.  The inspiration photos below will give you a hint . . .

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  1. I'm loving those mirrors! On the hunt myself! ;) We were planning to head to the pumpkin patch this weekend as well BUT the weather (obv) 86ed those plans! I'm loving the blue on your wall!



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