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Happy Halloween 

I looked in my purse the other day to find something and realized that if I were ever to be in a MacGyver situation . . .you know, where I am trapped in a boiler room with two assassins on the other side of the door and there is a bomb that is about to blow up and I have 15 seconds to save the world . . . . that I, MumGyver, would totally e able to save the world, and make it prettier, if I had my purse with me!!! Seriously people you want to be near me in an emergency!

I always see these posts of "whats in my bag" and everyone has cute little pouches that carry everything so neat and organized, and while that is truly wonderful, I try it and it lasts a day.  So here is a peak in my bag and I honestly didn't clean it out . . . 

So as you can see here we have - 2 sunglasses cases (one empty), deodorant  chap-stick  smaller LV purse to use when I don't want to carry a 50lb bag on my shoulder, notepad with to-do-lists, pink credit card holder that is pretty much empty (it is holding 2 bandaids for me at the  moment so not a total waste!), my FastTrak pass for my freeway commutes, my small fold up burgundy shopping bag (love that is folds small and has a hook), cell phone car charger, contact lens case, and that black blob in the left corner is a bag with roll-up flats in it! And at the bottom of all that are receipts, tampons, an extra pair of underwear for Emerson, a gazillion hair ties and clips, cough drops, 2 nail polishes, one lollipop (emergency child calming weapon), a diaper, a pair of little toe socks for wearing with flats and my library card  . . . . it gets better . . . .

Now this little hanging pouch is filled with all sorts of amazing MumGyver necessities such as: both girls immunization records, about 5 sets of different keys and I only know what 2 of them do!, my electric blue business card holder, 7 pens, my checkbook, 4 nail files  tweezerman cuticle cutters, 2 flash drives, my Bluetooth, and ibuprofen!

It just keeps getting better right? . . . Told you that you would want to be with me in an emergency! . . moving onto the makeup bag, although it only houses about 4 pieces of makeup so maybe it should be called my emergency pack! 

Chanel powder, mac brush, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (amazeballs), Nars lipgloss in Orgasm, Maybelline mascara, Dr. Pepper lipbalm, Sugar lipbalm, 2 tester sized facial spf moisturizers (Neutragena & Cetaphil), my fav red pen, roller ball perfume, trial rose perfume pouch from L'Occitane small Creme de la Mer moisturizer, Garnier eye roller gel, a pacifier, dental floss, more hairbands, Visine, nail file, 2 prescription creams from my dermatologist,  nail kit from TweezerMan, a Scandisc that has photos on it, and last but not least probably the most important, an extra pair of underwear because  like your mum always says, you never know when you will need clan underwear.

Whew . . . 

I know its not pretty but I bet I would be able  to survive a snowstorm her in my office in Beverly Hills! ha ha ha 

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