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so happy this week is over . . . I am just tired and want to feel cozy! I am going to tuck in and bake, cook, make pizzas, read library books with my girlies, build a tent out of sheets and pillows, and have our first fire in our fireplace!!!!! AAAHHHHHHH you don't know how long I have waited to say that!!!! 

Just a few outfit posts from this week to show you that I am in the perpetual skinny jeans/cords/leggings, boots and sweater mood!!!


  1. omg i have that same LOVE sweater - f21 is my jam! ;)

    where are those boots from in the first pic - obsessed!


  2. Brooke the boots are from H&M and are amazing! Real leather an soooo comfy .... I wear them almost everyday! Run and get a pair today! They come in camel too!


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