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yes, it was unplanned of me to go missing from my blog for 5 days but wow! hosting Thanksgiving and getting ready for the holidays has just gotten the better of me! 
Does anyone else feel that someone has just hit fast forward on the DVD of life button?  Seriously, I feel as though I am on warp-speed ahead and things are flying past all blurry and mushed together.
As much as I tried to screw my head on straight to take advantage of Cyber-Monday sales for Christmas gifts I just kind of froze in front of the computer screen and then slowly melted . . .
And to add a real zinger to the mix it's a "full moon" which means my girls turn into mini werewolves that have heads that spin around and around . . . and they howl at the moon and wake up all night long, for no clear reason to me, and cry and have night terrors.
honestly this was my last 2 hours . . . get home from work to find one of our 4 new fishes (we bought them yesterday) was "taking a nap," fed the girls and attempted bedtime #1 for Ms. H . . . . this lasted all of about 10 minutes as she screamed/howled non-stop and threw everything out of her crib . . . got her back out of bed and let her run around while trying to pick up the house.  Then for the next 20 minutes I heard "mum, mama, mummy" about a bazillion gazillion times; I almost pulled my head OFF!  Bedtime #2 for Ms. H went off without a hitch (thank you!) . . . so I sat down to play a few rounds of Peppa Pig board game with Ms. E which turned into a hysterical 3.5yr old sobbing uncontrollably and me just shaking my head in utter disbelief ..... she wanted to win . . . every . . . single.....time and could not handle it when she lost (this is an absolute NEW phase) .... WTF is all I could say in my head . . . finally I got her to bed, just as little Ms. H starts crying on the monitor ... great!
next I tackle the "napping" fish . . . I needed to clean out the bowl and put fresh water in BUT have you ever dealt with guppies???!!! OMFG 2 of them kamikazied themselves out of the bowl, not once, but twice, flopping all over the floor while my dog sniffs around them to see what was going on . . . needless to say we will see if they survive the night ......
so yes I have lots to post on about Thanksgiving, and gift ideas, and house updates but sorry folks I just poured myself a very large Baileys on ice and have 2 Trader Joe's Chocolate dipped peppermint joe-joes that I am going to sit here and enjoy before my two little werewolves wake up to howl at the moon . . .

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