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Is it just me?

Or does this season make you cry . . . AT . . . EVERYTHING?  I always get overwhelmed at the holidays, not in a bad way, in an "O-M-G I have so much to be thankful" kind of way.  

When I stop and think about what my "worries" are at this time of year: "What's on my Christmas list?" "What do the girls want from Santa?" "I need new leggings and boots and sweaters oh yeah!" "Is the house festive enough?" blah, blah, blah . . .I also think about what others are thinking of and feel extremely lucky and thankful and always a little guilty.

The communities and families affected by Hurricane Sandy are only thinking of how to get through today, replenish a life's worth of belongings, get heating, and power, and how to get their lives back to something that closely resembles normal.  

People affected by our horrible economy who are thinking when will they find a job, how they are going to pay their rent or mortgage this month, this year, how will they feed their families.

To the single mothers and single fathers who are thinking how do I take care of my babies and work to make enough for diapers and formula and shoes, how can I be here for them if I need to work 2 jobs, how do I get my children the medicine they need.

To the homeless people who are wandering all of our streets all over this country.  Thinking where are they going to get their next meal, where will they take cover from the cold and rain and snow for the night, where will I find a pair of shoes for my feet.

To the hundreds who are dying of a terminal disease, who must be thinking why me?, who is going to take care of my family when I am gone?, how much longer do I have?

I think about all of this constantly and I find myself tearing up or crying a few times a day.  When I listen to the radio with those "Christmas wishes" I loose it . . . when I hear of anyone going through a tough time it resonates with me so much more at this time of year.

Every one deserves to be loved, everyone deserves to feel loved . . . . it is so hard for me to deal with the fact that there are so many people out there that have no-one, especially at this time of year.

I didn't write this post to be a downer, I wrote it to light a flame in your heart; to remind us all how incredibly lucky we are and to always remember that there are thousands of people who need love . . . In your life, however it may fit in, try to help others.  Smile to those passing you, donate clothes, furniture, toys, your time, spread your giving with others . . . trust me, giving and helping is infectious, we just need more people to make it part of their lives.

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  1. As a single mom of a perfectly imperfect 4 yr old boy, thank you


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