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I could go on and on and . . .

There is nothing that makes me more happy than a closet full of maxi dresses and flat sandals . . . to me it is the perfect, easy, go-to outfit when the weather heats up.  Especially easy for busy mamas as there is only 2-3 components - dress, shoes & a cardi!  

Accessorize with some fun chunky jewelry and you are out the door in less than 10 minutes . . . looking fab and relaxed.  Here are some of my favorite sandal choices from the ever-awesome Asos!

I get lost . . .

in my iPhone photos sometimes.  Do you?  Here are some of my recent favorites . . .

My sweet baby girl will be "3" in five days! I cannot even wrap my head around it . . . it feels like yesterday we brought her home from the hospital but yet again it feels like we've know her all our lives.  I am crushing on some new summer clothes for her . . . . (Gap Kids)

how sweet is this swimsuit?!

i think we need mummy daughter matching white denim . . . right?

so sweet . . .

I am so glad we have girls!!!!!

sparkles. . . . .

Living in LA is always so much fun during award season . . . there is a buzz and electricity in the air and somehow the weekends feel sexy & glamorous!!!

some of my favorites yummies . . . .


Stunning . . . . as always!

timeless and classic . . . she looks wonderful!

Louis Vuitton . . . . um yes please

we celebrated with hot wings, cornmeal crust pizzas, alphabet french fries, champagne with berries and dark chocolate  . . . . I had an amazing evening with my most favorite girlie, Ms. M!!!

where do you go at night?

I may be here . . . . in my dreams 

 and you will find me lounging poolside in this . . . 

or this . . . 

and by night I will be roaming the hotel grounds in this . . . 

all clothing via

Photo of the day (via)

 "I shot this calf on the road in 2011 on the eve of Diwali at Neyveli, which is my hometown. Due to crackers going off everywhere, the cows couldn’t rest near homes so they sought the middle of the road for rest. The fog, noise, and the back lighting of the streetlight made me take this picture."

better late than . . .

I actually fell asleep last night with my laptop open on my lap while in bed . . . I was about to write a post but . . . I didn't!  The lack of sleep just took over my body and I was out. 

anyhoo here is what I wore to work the other day . . . the shirt and pants are from here and are both amazingly comfortable and fit great.   The cardigan is Calypso (old) and the necklace (last seen here) is Betsey Johnson (Mr. Hotpants picked this out himself) . . . so there you have it, the short and sweet post.  Toodles  . . .

Sharing & Letting Go

I get wrapped up in everyday things and then something stops me in my tracks, slaps me in the face and says "slow down crazy lady! instead of trying to do it all, stop and sit down with your babies, talk to them, tickle them, let them get dirty and make a mess and do something un-perfect."  Letting go is a major thing I am working on in my life.  I am a perfectionist to a fault, I don't adapt to change very well and I tend to loose sight of the humor in things so I am trying to recognize those things when they happen and change them.  

I am trying to "let go" of my expectations and just let life happen without having to control it (this is seriously HARD) so I want to share with you 5 things that I am focusing on this month.

Here are my 5 things. . . 

1. Take a bath with both girls at least once a week.  I already do this and it is honestly one of my favorite times with them.  It's not so much of a chore when I am in there with them splashing, blowing bubbles, playing boats & dinosaurs . . . and it is so much easier to wash them and their hair.  Try this if you haven't already and I bet it becomes a special bonding time for you and your bean(s) . . . these will be precious memories.

2. Let Emerson crack the eggs next time we bake.  I normally don't let her do this because the potential for disaster is high!  but how will she learn if I don't let her try?  It may be a messy, sticky, and not picture-perfect event but I will take a deep breath, relax (have a glass of wine), laugh and let the flour and eggs fly . . . . literally!

3. At bedtime, once or twice a week, rub Emerson's back or kiss her face all over to help her fall asleep.  She whispers "kiss me, mama, kiss me to sleep" . . . I did this last night and I was in heaven. I kissed every inch of her little face; her eyelids, her forehead, her ears, her chin, her cheeks, her little lips and she nodded off to sleep . . . . it was incredibly cozy and will forever be a special memory for me; even the smell, her still-baby smell lingers with me.

4. Hug and kiss Mr. Hotpants more . . . . plain and simple; I don't do it enough.

5.  Relax a little more when Emerson paints in the house.  I am always a little on edge when she is twirling that paintbrush around with a heaping glob of green paint on the end of it.  But I just need to remind myself that the paint is washable, clothes can be stain-treated, hardwood floors are easy to clean, and Mr. Clean pads can get almost anything off anything . . . . so I need to breath and relax and watch her create her masterpieces.

Photo of the Day (via)

"A pride of lions behaves naturally for the camera—a remote-controlled car outfitted with still and video cameras to capture the lions at ground level. The equipment was field tested by photographer Michael "Nick" Nichols while on assignment for National Geographic magazine."

I got 5 minutes

and I almost got through an entire magazine this past weekend . . . almost; it sits unfinished next to my bed until next weekend.  Everything was so pretty and I really savored this time to myself (I used to read 10 magazines a week, completely uninterrupted . . . . haven't done that in 3 years.)  I had to share some of the things that caught my eye

Photo of the Day (via)

An adult emperor penguin in Antarctica takes care of the young ones while the other parents are fishing

she says the darnest things

Such a busy weekend, fun and sweet, but it was here and gone in a flash!  We went looking at houses in two completely different neighborhoods and very easily ruled out one area that we did not want to live in so even though we found nothing, we accomplished crossing off a certain city from our list, so that felt somewhat productive! 

Grandma came and watched the girlies while we went out looking and when she asked Emerson where mummy and daddy were going, she matter-of-factly said "The house shop, to buy me a new house" LOL . . . I love their literal translations at this age.

And another awesome Emerson comment . . . The flyer below came in the mail the other day and Emerson grabbed it, clutched it to her chest, hugged it, then held it out and lovingly looked at it, sighed and said "Aww mummy, look someone sent a photo of you and daddy."  And I totally know where she got that idea; this is exactly what Mr. Hotpants does when he saunters through the door each night. . . . and this is precisely what I look like after a full day of work, dinner with the girls and getting bedtime started . . .  

Although it did get me thinking that maybe Mr. Hotpants and I need to sign up for a salsa class . . . stay tuned

On a separate note I have been secretly stalking the National Geographic website.  They do a "photo of the day" that I am addicted to viewing.  I thought it would be a great idea to share the images, daily, with all of you.  Some are inspiring, some are heartwrenching, some give me hope, some leave me awestruck, and some break my heart but they all make me "feel" something, remind me how lucky I am, how beautiful the earth and its creatures are, to reach out and help others who need it and to teach empathy and compassion to my girlies . . . here is the first one . . . it is quite stunning (we actually just saw giraffes up close at the zoo yesterday and they are truly amazing creatures)

"Giraffes are pictured at dawn in Kenya's Samburu National Reserve" via
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