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its the little things . . .

I picked up these headbands the other day at CVS and they are my fav new accessory!  They also have bracelets!  They are awesome because you can use them as a necklace and bracelets or ponytail holders and headbands!!! And they were $6 for 2 (one gold one silver) . . .  cheaper than 2 necklaces from F21!

Birthday fun

I celebrated my birthday over the past weekend and it was probably the best birthday I have had in years!  Not that the past few have not been good, it was just that I really relaxed and enjoyed this one.  I didn't put any expectations on it or defining edges around it and because of that it was wonderful . . . I felt happy all day. 

It was just me, Mr. Hotpants and my two girlies all day long and it was fantastic.  I got to sleep in, which is a gift all in itself. Followed by my favorite breakfast "fried egg sandwich" with HP sauce and coffee!  Then we spent the next few hours running around the park, digging in the sand, and on the swings.  Followed by family afternoon naps (another gift in itself)!!!! And dinner at one of my favorite spots!

While I sipped (OK gulped) my ginger margaritas, this was going on across the table . . .

Thank you Mr. Hotpants Daddy for handling this so mummy could enjoy herself . . . you are the best! 

After dinner we headed out to do a bit of shopping . . .

My incredible sister got me this awesome dress accompanied by delicious cheesecakes and prosecco.

Oh and a great everyday pair of gold heart earrings that I haven't taken off since I got them!

And from the Mr. I got some wonderful gifts.  We are sneaking away to the Balboa Bay Club for two days next weekend (our first time away since Harper was born!) and he surprised me with a gift certificate for a day at the spa and another gift certificate to spend the next day shopping at Fashion Island! Not only are they great gifts but they are gifts of "alone time" which I think is so mentally important as a parent!

I am so lucky I have to keep pinching myself

Bits & Bobs

A few outfit posts and a possible DIY . . . 

 Work outfit No. 1 - Splendid Maxi dress, Old Navy Sheer Chambray shirt (below), Betsey Johnson Necklace, H&M leopard skinny belt, Balenciaga Work bag

 Work Outfit No. 2 - Joe's Jeans (old), Forever 21 neon v-neck tee (my new favorite tee's), Vintage Gucci belt (eBay), Kenneth Cole cardi (old) and Payless Wedges (shown here), Dogeared Karma necklace

 So now for my proposed DIY . . . I found this desk in the alley behind our house and it whispered ever so gently . . . "keep me" . . . . So I did and I think she will look beautiful sanded, painted and with some fun hardware . . .

Here are some fun colors . . . 

my new routine . . .

As I have said on this blog before I am not a major make-up person. Primarily because I don't have the time for a 10 step beauty routine in the mornings with the girls.  But I have spent the last few months trying some products and I have found my 5-Step beauty routine that is perfectly fast! . . . Here are the products in order of the way I use them . . . 

 Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 via

 Chanel Pressed Powder via

 Nars Illuminator on cheeks via

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Very Black via

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 - Rose tint via

Quick, painless, and easy  . . . . and I leave the house looking like this  . . . (kinda)

wake up . . .

Lets get going! . . . . I am committed to getting my "post-2-babies-flubby" butt in shape by June!  It will have to be a combination of after-work walks with the girls in the double stroller (which weighs 72lbs with both girls in it!!!)  I think this alone could get my butt in shape!  And I also hope to start doing my Tracy Anderson DVD 3-4 times a week also, and maybe a short, impromptu walk or run here and there.  I think this gear would help!

I will eat salads, kale, avocados, and walnuts.  I will drink more water and I will eat more protein (I'm a vegetarian so always lacking here) . . . . and I will look like this soon . . . 

ballerina girl

This week went by at a snails pace for me!!! I am so tired from being kicked out of our bed by a 3ft grumpy-pants and having to sleep in a "toddler" bed (for those of you who don't know what that is; it is a bed that is so small it uses a crib mattress) . . . so basically, yeah, I've been sleeping in a crib; don't judge.

I did see and smell so many good things this week . . . so I am just going to spit them out here for you guys.

This perfume by Bond No. 9 (Madison Square Park) is incredibly yummy and reminds me of something happily familiar that I can't quite put my finger on.

These insane pants by Reiss (they are made of the thinnest, silkiest material I have ever felt)

This absolutely awesome dress by Ralph Lauren (RLX) - it is the most amazing orange/coral color ever . . . and its convertible! The pockets can be pulled out and used as a tie; tie it in back or in front or as a halter.  I would LIVE in this all summer long.

This super sweet video of Lionel and Nicole Richie playing the piano together . . . . I had no idea she could play!

Oh and how cute is this photo? . . . Did you know that flamingo chicks looked like this?


"Everything I do, I do it for you . . . "

Oh and I am in love with Chloe's new scent . . . so fresh and feminine


this is just amazing ...... its like finishing a chapter of a book. WOW

NASA's Discovery Shuttle's final flight

floating . . .

I've found myself daydreaming a lot lately . . . aimlessly floating in my own thoughts, my own visions, my own sea of calm.  I love the feeling, its like that feeling the instant before you fall asleep, where you know you are still awake but you are on the verge of slipping over the edge to the unconscious abyss . . . and it feels cozy, twinkly, weightless, floaty, and eerily calm . . . this is what daydreaming feels like to me, but with my eyes open.  I caught myself wandering around Whole Foods the other night in this "floaty" state and I am sure people thought I had been drinking or was on drugs . . . I felt like a jellyfish . . .

All this daydreaming (oh and I am daydreaming in pink) has put me in a mellow mood; these images have me transfixed . . . .

Mummy Monday

I know a few people who suffer from eczema and it is horrible.  Imagine having a little one with it!  I saw this amazing post and this amazing new product (you can enter the giveaway on the blog until April 30th)

"Do you have a baby or toddler with eczema who is keeping themselves (and the rest of the family) awake day and night with incessant scratching?  The damage this causes to your baby's already sensitive skin, can be minimized by the Bamboo Bubby Bag™.  It is the only natural bamboo-cotton sleeping bag specifically designed for babies with eczema and its unique Adjust-a-Sleeve™"

The site also offers some skin and bath products  (I have not tried any of these; make sure to check with your Pediatrician first) 

Another Mummy discovery that I came across last week was this unbelievable post (thanks to my bestie LM) that resonated with me so much being a mum!  I cried happy tears and sad tears. . . I always feel that I need to do all these "Martha Stewart-like" projects with my girls to be a "good" mother, but this is such a great reminder that our kids just need "us", they just need our time, our attention, our engaging with them.  They crave it and they thrive on it.  I know that in this day and age, with all the iPhone's and social media avenues, that it is hard to cut off from work and life outside but we have to.  It is hard and you have to be so conscious to remind yourself to stop, but we need to, they need us to.
I am going to try to incorporate this into my daily life . . . to slow down and just be with them because that is all they want, not all the bells n' whistles, just plain ole' mummy and daddy.

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