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my heart swells

This is by far one of my favorite blogs, and this has to be one of my absolute favorite posts.  There is actually no need for the words, the story can be told by the photos . . . . read it, it will make your heart swell.

kids teach amazing things

I am amazed everyday at the things my girls teach me . . . . they are so pure and naive and see no corruption and because of this their outlook on life is one of fun, simple, and happiness.

The other day Emerson and I were watching the coolest neon-green grasshopper bounce around the yard (it was so cool), then just like in those national geographic videos a lizard came from out of nowhere and snatched the grasshopper up in its mouth and took off! It was insane . . . We both froze.  Me because I didn't know how Emerson was going to respond (we are just venturing on animals eating other animals, people eating animals (Emerson is a self -chosen vegetarian for the time being) and dying (aka being eaten alive!!)). . . her because she was stunned!

After a while I asked her if she was okay and told her that the lizard would probably drop the grasshopper.  She was quiet and then said "I'm sad because I think that lizard is going to eat that grasshopper and you know what mama?  That is just rude! Eating another animal is rude." And then she took some leaves over to the place the lizard had ran to and laid them down and told the lizard he "should be a plant-eater!"  Her little body and expression oozed empathy for that little grasshopper and she is right, it is rude to hurt someone or something.  And we should always try to help even if we don't know how to, we should at least try.

She also taught us how to make this amazing bird-feeder!  We bought a bird house for the backyard and we painted it and when I said we would have to go and buy some bird food, she excitedly told me this . . . . "okay we just need some peanut butter, pine cones and bird seed . . . oh oh and some string" ..... ummmm what!? She continues to explain that you put peanut butter all over the pine cone then roll it in birdseed, tie some string around the pine cone then hang it from a tree!  Ingenious!!!!! I asked her who taught her that, thinking maybe her teacher, grandma, but nope . . . . it was Mickey Mouse and his clubhouse friends! Who says TV is not educational! Here are the actual bird treats! (they actually look yummy!)

So listen to your little ones, they have good advice and speak exactly what they think and feel which I believe more grown ups should do!

Perfect afternoon pick-me-up

This 8 minute arm routine is awesome for toning up the flabbiness.  The thing I like about it the most is I can sit at my desk and do it! 

I love my Tracy Anderson workouts . . . . just got this new set and I am super excited to start!

Daddy's you must read this

Mummy's you must read this . . . 

oh and this is just awesome! Might have to have Mr. Hotpants try his handyman attempt at this!  Weird that no-one has thought of this before, so simple but genius!!!

Hump Day Randomness

I am all over the place . . . I have a journal-sized to-do-list in my head that is giving me heart palpitations.  It is compartmentalized into a thousand categories  . . . "things i need for the house," "things i want for the house when i win the lotto, "people i need to email or call to set up appts that i will inevitably cancel because I'm too busy," "clothes i want to buy for me & the girls," "articles i want to read," "contractors to call to come back and FINISH," "bills to pay," "places to take the girls this summer," "furniture to be bought," "new yard plans," and a miliion other subcategories of each . . . . . ahhhhhhhhh! So I am going to spit out some random things here today for your amusement.

I really want this ottoman for the living room . . . I think I do, right?


I am in love with this Schumacher fabric for Ms. E's room. . . her window seat cushion!!!!

I am thinking these pillows may be the starting point for our master bedroom inspiration . . . peacock blue, green and a splash of hot pink or coral?

Inspiration photos . . . 

I'm thinking i NEED a pair of leopard print heels . . . like really need them, right people?

So much fun!

I feel like my life is starting on a new journey, a new chapter.  I feel different.  I feel more confident, more in control, I feel alive.  I have started to appreciate things more than before . . . hard work and dedication, perseverance; these really do get you places.  I have learned to love my body and be more forgiving with it; it is a beautiful piece of machinery that "grew" our two beautfiul baby girls - how could I not love something that has this ability.  I am truly, truly happy . . . in every aspect of my life.  I feel awakened and I don't want to waste any of our days in a grumpy mood or frustrated.  I want to have F U N with my life, with our life.

please excuse the blog layout and template . . . it has gone haywire . . . I believe many other bloggers are having the same issues! Frustrating!

Sorry . . .

Sorry peeps for being slightly MIA.  The blogger templates got all out of whack and I had to spend the past 2 days on forums and help blogs to try and figure "tech-y" stuff out . . . needless to say it miraculously worked itself out today and went back to normal!!!!

I jumped on the H&M site the other night and found these pretties - I need to pay a visit to the store; haven't been in awhile!!! Can we say "lunch break?"

Weekend recap

This past weekend was fun.  I got to have a long-overdue girlie luncheon (ahem bottomless mimosas need I say more?!) with 3 hysterical ladies! Next "lunch" is in Vegas ladies!  I got to lunch (skinny margaritas for me) with my brother and my SIL and my adorable nephew, "Coop-a-loop" as Emerson likes to call him! And I spent a fun day with my Emerson running around doing errands . . . we looked at big girl beds (aka twin/full beds for her) and she told me she wanted nothing but bunk beds! so she can have "camp-overs" with her friends.  We also have a new member in the household (again - for the 3rd time) we have a beta fish named "Bobo" . . . very pretty coral and white beta that will hopefully last longer than the last 2 we have had . . . . and I seem to get blamed for these unfortunate deaths.  Oh and Emerson and I painted a birdhouse for the backyard . . . I will post a pic tomorrow

I got a few things crossed of my ridiculously-hurts-my-head-long to do list. Cut some old jeans into jean shorts, cleared the moving boxes out of the garage so we could finally park the cars in it, reorganized the medicine cabinet and the towel cabinet, finally bleached all my flour sack dishtowels, and bought Epsom salts and a dry body brush and took an amazing bath . . . without the girlies and it was wonderful and quiet.

too bad now we are all sick . . . fevers and colds! Awesome, it's going to be a L O N G week.

Fortunately this week I patiently await for these two beauties to arrive on my doorstep (they have been back-ordered forever)

for the girls bathroom  via

via for the master bathroom

Happy Friday

This "interview" gave me a fit of the giggles . . . partly because the little girl has so much conviction in her voice and will make an extremely good lawyer one day and partly because my little sister cut her own hair when she was about 3yrs old and it was equally hysterical!

I will be enjoying an amazing brunch this weekend here with some fabulous ladies . . . let the bottomless mimosas flow!

My new additions

Want to know a place that is really dangerous for me? As in blow-the-mortgage dangerous!!!??? HOMEGOODS . . . . . holy cow! I could drop some serious money in there and still have things I wanted to buy.  Little Ms. E and I stopped in after grocery shopping this past weekend and we picked up a few things (she has great taste and is so fun to shop with now) . . . feast your eyes on these pretties.

 awesome blue lamp - the base is clear glass and the cord is covered in a blue fabric that matches the color in the shade! $40!

 Two big smooshy pillows with an amazing suzani design (the colors are brighter in person - gorgeous coral and oranges)

  Gorgeous pouf for Ms. E's room (she picked it out!) - handmade in India and hte colors are gorgeous and vibrant!

 Our entry with the lamp in place . . .

bits & bobs

Weekend was fantastic . . . .celebrated this munchkins 1st birthday at our new house and it rocked! It is the perfect celebration house!

 The birthday gift that was the biggest hit!

This disaster was made by a single mini-chocolate cupcake!!!! (via SusieCakes)

Funny thing about entertaining for the first time at a new place is you notice what you are necessary items you are missing . . . .Here are a few things we need to invest in . . . 

 Some sort of monster BBQ - they seriously remind me of a small plane but since Mr. Hotpants is a delicious cook he can choose whatever he wants!
 Beverage Tub for champagne and wine bottles

Patio cooler for beer, sodas, & waters

We ended the weekend with an early dinner at Downtown Disney . . . the girlies loved it and there was an amazing blues singer that we stopped and listened to while the girlies danced! And of course we ended the night with an ice cream cone and some Margaritas!

 Her minnie mouse balloon hat!

Can you tell where she gets her affection for large sunglasses???


Check out this new-to-me online store, Tobi!  They have a great mix of high-end and low-end pieces.  Here are a few things I have my eye on.

 love this little blazer . . . comes in a poppy red color too!

On her way . . .

Yes, a year ago today, our little Ms. Harper was just about to arrive! I cant believe how incredible it is to have 2 beautiful but completely different little girls in our lives.  Harper, or "Cruiser" as Mr. Hotpants calls her, is an absolute class-act riot!  She started walking at 8 months and has progressed to pick up every habit that her big sister has, in record time.  

When my mum and grandma held her for the first time, at separate times, both said the exact same thing . . . "She has been here before . . . " and you know what, I think they were right.

Happy Birthday to the littlest, precocious, determined girlie in our world! We love you with ALL our hearts

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