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Happy Halloween 

I looked in my purse the other day to find something and realized that if I were ever to be in a MacGyver situation . . .you know, where I am trapped in a boiler room with two assassins on the other side of the door and there is a bomb that is about to blow up and I have 15 seconds to save the world . . . . that I, MumGyver, would totally e able to save the world, and make it prettier, if I had my purse with me!!! Seriously people you want to be near me in an emergency!

I always see these posts of "whats in my bag" and everyone has cute little pouches that carry everything so neat and organized, and while that is truly wonderful, I try it and it lasts a day.  So here is a peak in my bag and I honestly didn't clean it out . . . 

So as you can see here we have - 2 sunglasses cases (one empty), deodorant  chap-stick  smaller LV purse to use when I don't want to carry a 50lb bag on my shoulder, notepad with to-do-lists, pink credit card holder that is pretty much empty (it is holding 2 bandaids for me at the  moment so not a total waste!), my FastTrak pass for my freeway commutes, my small fold up burgundy shopping bag (love that is folds small and has a hook), cell phone car charger, contact lens case, and that black blob in the left corner is a bag with roll-up flats in it! And at the bottom of all that are receipts, tampons, an extra pair of underwear for Emerson, a gazillion hair ties and clips, cough drops, 2 nail polishes, one lollipop (emergency child calming weapon), a diaper, a pair of little toe socks for wearing with flats and my library card  . . . . it gets better . . . .

Now this little hanging pouch is filled with all sorts of amazing MumGyver necessities such as: both girls immunization records, about 5 sets of different keys and I only know what 2 of them do!, my electric blue business card holder, 7 pens, my checkbook, 4 nail files  tweezerman cuticle cutters, 2 flash drives, my Bluetooth, and ibuprofen!

It just keeps getting better right? . . . Told you that you would want to be with me in an emergency! . . moving onto the makeup bag, although it only houses about 4 pieces of makeup so maybe it should be called my emergency pack! 

Chanel powder, mac brush, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (amazeballs), Nars lipgloss in Orgasm, Maybelline mascara, Dr. Pepper lipbalm, Sugar lipbalm, 2 tester sized facial spf moisturizers (Neutragena & Cetaphil), my fav red pen, roller ball perfume, trial rose perfume pouch from L'Occitane small Creme de la Mer moisturizer, Garnier eye roller gel, a pacifier, dental floss, more hairbands, Visine, nail file, 2 prescription creams from my dermatologist,  nail kit from TweezerMan, a Scandisc that has photos on it, and last but not least probably the most important, an extra pair of underwear because  like your mum always says, you never know when you will need clan underwear.

Whew . . . 

I know its not pretty but I bet I would be able  to survive a snowstorm her in my office in Beverly Hills! ha ha ha 

Lovely . . .

Have you ever checked out Erika's blog, Urban Grace? First of all she is an amazing mama and she is a fantastic designer; I love everything she touches.  

Erika and her little Sloaney

Check out some of these pic's from the 2012 Coastal Living Ultimate Beach House that she worked on.

This is the movie room!  Chaise loungers, cozy throws and grasscloth ceiling and walls?! 


Love how GP takes her office look into shopping with the kiddos!  Easy but substantial change (just add a crisp blazer!) . . . def need to copy this idea!

Here are some similar choices in different price ranges . . . 

 F21 ($32)

 Old Navy ($39.94)

Gap ($98) 

Topshop (via Nordstrom's $90)

And sorry but look at those legs in white jeans! Jealous but I know she works hard for it!

pull at your strings

a wonderful, heart-wrenching, emotional and raw post by a wonderful mama . . . 

Besties . . .

Recently I have noticed a change in my relationship with my little Ms. Em.  It snuck up on me and surprised me quite a bit!  I enjoy spending time with my little, I enjoy talking to her about everything from needing wings so she can fly before bedtime to what day it is . . "October" is her answer.

I didn't think that I would want to run errands with a 3.5 yr old but I do! She makes it fun and interesting and I absolutely live for the open, honest and raw questions and comments that come out her mouth.  It keeps me on my toes, it keeps me wondering "Why is that the way it is?" and it makes me rethink the way I do and see everything in the world. 

Emerson is my "bestie" and it is one of the most wonderful feelings in the whole world . . . BFF.  These girls (my ladybug and my Fire Breathing Dragon) complete my world in a way I didn't know could happen.  They are amazing little people with huge hearts and I am so incredibly humbled and proud to be their mama bear. 

Are we there yet?

As in are we there yet at FRIDAY!!!! Yikes it is only Tuesday and I am wiped . . . the girls are just not sleeping smoothly right now and it is adding up.  

I would love to be coming home to this open doorway with a basket of fresh flowers, a baguette and a bottle of Rose.

We have a few changes going on in our world right now that are taking up some of our time, and with change comes anxiety, excitement, stress and worries.  Hopefully this transition will be smooth and relatively painless but it will be sad, that is a given.  

On a different note I was just looking back on my posts and realized two things:

1.)  I took a few photos of the renovation and some teaser photos as we moved in but I haven't posted any other photos of the house! So that will be my new task; to take some photos and share them . . . 

2.) I like my blog! I mean if I didn't write my own blog and I came across it I would sure as hell read it because its my cup o' tea!  I actually surprised myself how many of the posts I was like "oh that was a good one, way to go Emma" ha ha ha

And I thought I would share a few things that I am obsessing over . . . 

Tory Burch Billy Slipper 

H&M Leather Boot 

And my "Santa I have been really frickin amazing this year" is this . . . 

YSL Zip Continental Wallet 

I have started . . .

planning my Thanksgiving tablescape......... I am so excited; I am going with non-traditional with a navy, lavender, plaid and gold palette  It's going to be fantasmical (oh yeah I just made that word up!)

I'm in charge of the table and the drinks (ummm my wine and prosecco!) and Mr. Hotpants is the Chef, I can't wait to sit down and hammer out the menu with him!  I want it to be rustic but simple, not too many dishes, just a few delicious ones!


Happy Monday!

This is really trippy and fascinating to see how people, perceptions and situations can change based on an outward appearance and peoples reactions . . . 

Photographer Danny Evans has transformed America’s sweethearts into homely middle-aged women they might have been in the absence of $100K beauty routines, fashion stylists, personal trainers, and plastic surgery.

Evans doesn't reveal much about his process. “I don’t like to discuss the technical side of my work,” he tells Co.Design, “but I will say that they are photo composites, and not products of age altering software.” There is sweet justice in taking Photoshop, the very tool that makes celebrities seem so insufferably flawless, and turning it against them. The point, Evans says, is “to show celebrities in a different light. [It’s] my interpretation of how they might appear if they were never famous.”

 Jennifer Aniston

 Beyonce & Jay-Z 

Brad & Angie 

Kim & Kanye 

 Kristin & Rob

 Gwenyth (this is my fav!)

 Nicole Richie

 MaryKate & Ashley 
Posh & Beckham

Crazy right??

Happy morning!!!

Great weekend! How was yours? It was the perfect balance of downtime, checking things of the to do list and time with family.

I worked out both days, had the funnest adventure with Emerson at her BFF's pumpkin patch birthday party! Did some spray painting and hopefully I'll have pics by the end of the week to share....

Meanwhile have a fantastic Monday, shake it up and do something out of character!

Here are the babes: Ms. E as a giraffe and Ms. H hanging out at 2am shouting "uh oh"

Did I forget to tell you . . .

That Mr. Hoptpants and I went to the Madonna concert last week?  Well it was awesome, we were in the 5th row (Mr. Hotpants did good) and we could touch the stage! Thanks to grandma for taking care of the girlie's we were able to go to dinner and the concert and then stay overnight downtown. It was a great day/night.  

We checked into our hotel, the Los Angeles Athletic Club, (I used to work here) and to my surprise we got the Polo Suite and I loved it, it was Don Draper meets the polo club!   Here are a few pic's . . . sorry for the dark blurry iPhone pics . . . oh and randomly we had a two day storm here and it was while we were here , which made this suite all the more cozy!

Then we went to dinner at The Parish which was just awesome! I had the deviled eggs (out of this world), the beet and Greek yogurt salad, celery corn mash (insane) and the sticky toffee pudding!  It was delicious, not to mention their signature punch was too easy to drink, if you get my drift, and of course I had to have one of their signature gimlet's . . . when in Rome, right?  Can't find any good pic's but the decor was awesome too . . .wallpaper loveliness!

Followed by champagne, with some wonderful girlfriends and my sister who were also going to the concert, at the top of the Downtown Ritz, at WP 24 Restaurant (Wolfgang Puck) . . . amazing views!

Lastly we got to the concert and Madge, Diva that she is, did not start until 10:45pm!!!! I was a little upset, tired and tipsy! But when she came on the show was worth it! and she is actually very small in person, toned like no other, but surprisingly petite!

Mr. Hotpants and I waiting for Madge!

Too bad we didn't run into Neil Patrick Harries, Nicole Richie, or Jessica Alba who were all there the same night!!! But we did randomly see Richard Branson! 

It was fantastic but as the mama and dada of 2 little babes we were ready for bed at 9pm . . . we seriously could have gone back to the hotel after dinner, put on PJ's and rented a movie . . . that would have been amazing too!

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