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happy girls

These two little chubby-cheeked smiling girls are my whole heart and make the Holiday season mean so much more.  

 Oh yeah . . . this happened!

 Perfect night out to the Grand Californian Hotel at Downtown Disney . . . Ears for her, bubbly for me!

 those big blue eyes!

Nailed it!

My Holiday party inspiration look . . . little black dress, minimal gold jewelry, red nails and lips, swept up hair and cocktail in hand! Viola!

Turkey Day

As promised here are some photos from our first Thanksgiving at our new house . . . Oh and before I go any further I have to say how in AWE I was of Mr. Hotpants and his dinner.  He cooked everything from scratch, all organic, by himself and it all came out piping hot!!  NEVER in a million years could I have . . . 

Insane grilled buttery corn

Cranberry-orange sauce 

This is where I dedicated my time - the table!  These were taken about 2am

Haven't set the chairs up yet! And there was a little kids table set up that was too cute!


yes, it was unplanned of me to go missing from my blog for 5 days but wow! hosting Thanksgiving and getting ready for the holidays has just gotten the better of me! 
Does anyone else feel that someone has just hit fast forward on the DVD of life button?  Seriously, I feel as though I am on warp-speed ahead and things are flying past all blurry and mushed together.
As much as I tried to screw my head on straight to take advantage of Cyber-Monday sales for Christmas gifts I just kind of froze in front of the computer screen and then slowly melted . . .
And to add a real zinger to the mix it's a "full moon" which means my girls turn into mini werewolves that have heads that spin around and around . . . and they howl at the moon and wake up all night long, for no clear reason to me, and cry and have night terrors.
honestly this was my last 2 hours . . . get home from work to find one of our 4 new fishes (we bought them yesterday) was "taking a nap," fed the girls and attempted bedtime #1 for Ms. H . . . . this lasted all of about 10 minutes as she screamed/howled non-stop and threw everything out of her crib . . . got her back out of bed and let her run around while trying to pick up the house.  Then for the next 20 minutes I heard "mum, mama, mummy" about a bazillion gazillion times; I almost pulled my head OFF!  Bedtime #2 for Ms. H went off without a hitch (thank you!) . . . so I sat down to play a few rounds of Peppa Pig board game with Ms. E which turned into a hysterical 3.5yr old sobbing uncontrollably and me just shaking my head in utter disbelief ..... she wanted to win . . . every . . . single.....time and could not handle it when she lost (this is an absolute NEW phase) .... WTF is all I could say in my head . . . finally I got her to bed, just as little Ms. H starts crying on the monitor ... great!
next I tackle the "napping" fish . . . I needed to clean out the bowl and put fresh water in BUT have you ever dealt with guppies???!!! OMFG 2 of them kamikazied themselves out of the bowl, not once, but twice, flopping all over the floor while my dog sniffs around them to see what was going on . . . needless to say we will see if they survive the night ......
so yes I have lots to post on about Thanksgiving, and gift ideas, and house updates but sorry folks I just poured myself a very large Baileys on ice and have 2 Trader Joe's Chocolate dipped peppermint joe-joes that I am going to sit here and enjoy before my two little werewolves wake up to howl at the moon . . .

A Thankful Reminder

A perfect week to share this with all of you . . .

how you doin?

how are you all doing this week? Are you as excited, anxious and nervous as I am for Thanksgiving?  Cant believe it is already here! Since this is our first time hosting and having this many people over to the new house we have had to get a lot of things taken care of . . . hang artwork, hang new blinds, finish painting the other bedside table, finish my other breakfast bar stool, buy a gazillion things at the grocery store and borrow almost all of my mums serving dishes!

I love the fact that doing Thanksgiving at our place has made me tackle some projects I had been putting off . . . I will post some of the prep photos tomorrow . . . we have rental tables, chairs and linens and I think my table is going to look fantastic.  And Mr. Hotpants has an amazing menu full of delicious, buttery dishes.

Late & Random

Don't mean to sound like a broken record but man am I beat this week!  I have had teething & sick girlies which equates to not a lot of mummy-downtime or sleep!  And no matter what I am taking to give me energy and a boost . . . it's not really cutting it this time.  

One thing I am enjoying, that a chic-mummy friend turned me onto (and gave me a batch of) is Gwyneth Paltrows "Seed Mix" from her cookbook.  It is seriously like "crack!" I put it on anything and everything, especially yummy with yogurt, oatmeal, in pancakes or waffles . . . and it is wonderful for you . . . 

here is the recipe: 
Grind all the ingredients together in small batches in a food processor or coffee grinder.  Store in an air-tight container in the fridge . . . . use ALL the time 

1 cup pumpkin seeds, 1 cup sunflower seeds
2 cups each of almonds, goji berries, and flaxseed

I also wanted to update you on my Apple Cider Vinegar journey . . . I have been taking 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar (in a cup of water) every day for the past 2 months (some days I would take it twice a day) 

Apple cider vinegar has been used for years and years and has some incredible health benefits.  I was hesitant at first for a few reasons . . . first, seriously drink vinegar!!! yeah right! but you get used to it and weirdly sometimes I crave it?! . . . second I was a disbeliever of all the miracle claims and while I cannot attest to all of them I will say this from my experience:

1.  To see any benefits I believe you have to be consistent with it for at least a month before you see/ changes
2.  It is wonderful for "regulating" you if you get my drift!
3.  It definitely works as an appetite suppressant so you may lose a few pounds but not guaranteed
4.  I definitely feel a difference in my all around energy levels and alertness the days that I take it.
5. I have seen a huge difference in puffiness/bloating in my tummy area (only after 6wks or so)
6.  I used to have those little bumps on the back of my upper arms (the tiny ones that were either flesh colored or red) and now they are completely gone!! I mean GONE!!! I have no idea how the vinegar does this but it's amazing.
7. In general, my skin, all over is silky soft, like baby skin . . . seriously!
8. I mixed it with water and use it as a toner on my face and I see a notable difference in my pore size and blackheads . . . almost NONE!!!!

Y O U .... S H O U L D ..... T R Y ...... I T 

Have a fantastic weekend . . . we are getting ready for our first thanksgiving and have many projects to tackle . . . I will try to take pics to share with you 

thanksgiving inspiration outfits

I want to be casual, comfy, cozy and chic this Thanksgiving.  It's our first time hosting so I am sure I will be running around after the kiddos, getting drinks, helping Mr. Hotpants with the food, and inevitably spilling something on myself!  I love these looks . . . 

Impressed myself!

So I am new to DIY projects and they still make me anxious and nervous . . . but this one I tackled, nailed it and am here to share the beauty.

We needed some barstools for our new island but I didn't find any I absolutely loved and instead of spending $125 for one I sorta liked, I opted to go cheap ($17 each) and practical with these.  Once I got them home I knew I could spruce them up . . . Let me introduce you to my new BFF "Mod Podge" and my old BFF gold Rustoleum spray paint.

  What do you think? Have you ever used Mod Podge??? I may be obsessed


so happy this week is over . . . I am just tired and want to feel cozy! I am going to tuck in and bake, cook, make pizzas, read library books with my girlies, build a tent out of sheets and pillows, and have our first fire in our fireplace!!!!! AAAHHHHHHH you don't know how long I have waited to say that!!!! 

Just a few outfit posts from this week to show you that I am in the perpetual skinny jeans/cords/leggings, boots and sweater mood!!!

Upon a star . . .

I wish, I wish upon a star that I had both the wallet and the weather to wear these incredible lovelies by The Row.

Peaked my interest . . .

I got an email from Old Navy with some of their new fall arrivals  . . . I peaked . . . I liked . . . I'm sharing . . . I love these first 2 cardigans!

 Loved this knit maxi dress - would look great with one of those drapey cardigans above!

Still loving a little neon . . . 

More glitter!

Do you guys read "The Glitter Guide?"  . . . It always has great editorials on fashion, designers, decor, etc . . . and since the name has "glitter" in it you can only imagine that everything is simply sparkly!

Check out this piece on Heidi Merrick and look at these photos of her Silverlake home . . . What is there not to love?

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