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Where to start . . .

Yikes I don't know where to start ..... I did not mean to be gone so long but honestly I feel as though there has been NO downtime . . . like N.O.N.E.  Quick re-cap . . .

Newport Beach boat parade, Disney on Ice, a cold, a flu, ear infection and croup, Bob Saget at the Improv, dad's birthday on Christmas Eve, our first Christmas Eve staying up to wrap all of Santa's presents after the girlies went to bed, Christmas at mum's, extended family burrito and dart night, and a few days back at work! 

All of it was absolutely FAB and fun and great memories were made, but I am TIRED!!!! However none of this will stop me from putting on my little black pantsuit, stilettos, some glitter and having some of my favorite bubbly tonight to bring in the New Year at mum's "Casino Party!"  There will be bartenders, valet, blackjack tables, roulette, and some amazing food!!! Not to mention all my peeps : ) . . . Here are a few random photos from the past week . . . see you in 2013!


Enjoy your Family and Friends . . .

Well, this is it peeps . . . I am signing off till after the big man with a beard has been to my house!  I wish all of you a warm, cozy, holiday filled with snuggles, hot chocolate, pj's, family, puppy kisses, pee-in-your-pants laughter and most importantly L O V E.


It is up to US . . .

Please watch this once, then twice, then share it with everyone you know . . . Demand a Plan!

HO HO HO . . .

This weekend coming up is jam packed with activities ..... and while these two babes are getting through a really nasty cold and I haven't slept since last Friday night . . . .

I am still super excited with all that is to come.  I will get through it with the help of my little friends . . . 

My dad's birthday is Christmas Eve so that always makes it more fun! We started a tradition of doing a spaghetti dinner on Christmas Eve for dad's birthday dinner and I love it!  We have the Boat Parade in Newport Beach on Saturday, "Disney on Ice" with the girlies and papa (another annual tradition!) on Sunday, our spaghetti birthday dinner on Christmas Eve, then Santa comes (oh yeah!!!) and we will be at mums for the best Christmas dinner ever! 

I have a few holiday outfit ideas for the next few events . . . . here are the inspiration photos and I will try to remember to take my "actual" outfit pic's and post.

For Christmas Dinner . . . sequin pants (here), heels, Tee or sweater, and jacket/blazer!

For the Boat parade .... wide legged jeans (I will be wearing these), Tee/shirt/sweater, jacket, boots

Oh and here is a sneak peak of Ms. Em's big girl bed . . . bubblegum pink with white nail-heads? Yes please!

Christmas around these parts . . .

I just realized I haven't posted any photos of our Christmas decor . . . so here are a few snaps from this past weekend . . . 

Last minute

I think this is a cool gift for one of those "hard to buy for gadget people who already have everything" . . .  looks kinda fun right? . . . although to be totally honest, being a non-gadgety girl, I am not sure all of the possibilities of these but they look sooo cute!

stunning home . . .

I came across the home of Carolina Castiglioni (her mother is the designer for Marni!) and I have fallen for it's mix of simplicity and gently glamour, the unpredictable-ness of each room . . . . stunning!  The bathroom, the kitchen, and those lights!!!

Did you fall as hard as me???


(The previous post (below) was scheduled to post today before Fridays nightmare was known)

this is the only word I can use to explain what I feel.  This weekend was full of holiday events and activities but I feel as though I went through all of it in a fog, an unbelievable, mind-numbing, heart-torn fog.  

I can't understand these things, I cant live with them . . . are we supposed to? Are we supposed to just go on knowing that our world can come to crumbling, disgusting end anytime?  Are we supposed to trust those who are here to protect us and our children? Who are supposed to put rules and laws into place to ensure our safety? I can't, I can't trust that my girls will be safe in this world, I can't trust that I can go to a shopping mall and come home, I can't trust this world anymore and that is the scariest feeling I have ever had.  I flip-flop from nauseating sadness to violent anger and fear!

I cried all day Friday, I almost threw-up twice, when I got home from work and held my girls I sobbed, I couldn't read, listen, or watch anything more about it, I couldn't look at the photos of all those darling, smiling, innocent, beautiful faces, I couldn't fathom the pain and suffering that those parents and families were dealing with . . .  I don't know how to deal with this . . . my heart and mind are just screaming "NO, NO, NO"

This country needs to prioritize!  There are so many things that are wrong that all come in to play with this tragedy.   We can start with the fact that NO ONE should be CARRYING A GUN unless they are police or military! There is no fucking reason.   The second issue is the way we treat mental health . . . it's simple - we DON'T, we ignore it; sweep it under the rug like an embarrassing family member.  It is real people and our healthcare system needs ENSURE that ALL of our citizens are taken care of physically and mentally, otherwise we will never be able to relax and feel protected because there will be others wandering around who need help and arent getting it. 

I am at a loss, I am broken, I am sad, I am terrified, I am numb . . . . I pray for all those families, I pray for all those children, all those teachers, first responders, police . . . I pray for humanity because it needs it.

Outfit post

As you can see I am still stuck in my leggings, sweaters, boots style!  This was from the other day.

Necklace F21 (here), favorite grey sweater (here), Romeo & Juliet leggings (similar here), vest F21 (old but similar here), Giuseppe Zanotti boots (old but similar here)

 My "swag" . . . little gold rings (picked up at a few different places), knot ring (here), Cartier tank watch, gift (here), gold bracelets, Banana Republic (old) 

Loving . . . this Friday

  • This reassuring and encouraging blog post by a fellow blogging mama.  PLEASE READ!!!!
  • These new Rag & Bone jeans (I scored mine new on eBay for pennies !!). . . I had no idea how insanely comfortable these jeans were! They make you look skinny, they suck you in at all the right places!!!

  • This is a wonderfully tasty drink - actually my colleague at work said it nicely "It's like melted jell-o" . . . but yummy and not too sweet or sugary! 2500mg of omega-3's!!

They sell it at Sprouts, Mothers Market, Whole Foods,
 Bristol Farms and Amazon

Is it just me?

Or does this season make you cry . . . AT . . . EVERYTHING?  I always get overwhelmed at the holidays, not in a bad way, in an "O-M-G I have so much to be thankful" kind of way.  

When I stop and think about what my "worries" are at this time of year: "What's on my Christmas list?" "What do the girls want from Santa?" "I need new leggings and boots and sweaters oh yeah!" "Is the house festive enough?" blah, blah, blah . . .I also think about what others are thinking of and feel extremely lucky and thankful and always a little guilty.

The communities and families affected by Hurricane Sandy are only thinking of how to get through today, replenish a life's worth of belongings, get heating, and power, and how to get their lives back to something that closely resembles normal.  

People affected by our horrible economy who are thinking when will they find a job, how they are going to pay their rent or mortgage this month, this year, how will they feed their families.

To the single mothers and single fathers who are thinking how do I take care of my babies and work to make enough for diapers and formula and shoes, how can I be here for them if I need to work 2 jobs, how do I get my children the medicine they need.

To the homeless people who are wandering all of our streets all over this country.  Thinking where are they going to get their next meal, where will they take cover from the cold and rain and snow for the night, where will I find a pair of shoes for my feet.

To the hundreds who are dying of a terminal disease, who must be thinking why me?, who is going to take care of my family when I am gone?, how much longer do I have?

I think about all of this constantly and I find myself tearing up or crying a few times a day.  When I listen to the radio with those "Christmas wishes" I loose it . . . when I hear of anyone going through a tough time it resonates with me so much more at this time of year.

Every one deserves to be loved, everyone deserves to feel loved . . . . it is so hard for me to deal with the fact that there are so many people out there that have no-one, especially at this time of year.

I didn't write this post to be a downer, I wrote it to light a flame in your heart; to remind us all how incredibly lucky we are and to always remember that there are thousands of people who need love . . . In your life, however it may fit in, try to help others.  Smile to those passing you, donate clothes, furniture, toys, your time, spread your giving with others . . . trust me, giving and helping is infectious, we just need more people to make it part of their lives.


It is no surprise to my family and friends that I love candles.  I usually have them burning all the time, especially in the fall/winter.  Not only do I love the scent of a home when you walk in and smell an amazing candle but I love the romantic flicker of the little flames that glimmer throughout the house.  I love them in the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, the entryway, even outside! 

But seen as I like to use them all the time, I cant afford to buy a $60 candle for each room every month or so, so Thank Nelly that I found these amazing candles for an amazing price!  The prices are unbeatable but the scents are insane.  I have NEVER smelled candles that resemble their names so closely as these do.  

And another thing I like about these is I hate when glass candles have the companies stickers on them, but these stickers first of all are not that bad looking but better yet they peel off without leaving any mark so you are left with a beautiful glass jar candle with a clean simple silver or gold cap!  And right now they have 2 (3-wick) candles for $22..... great deal!

Here are some of my favorites . . . 
 perfect cozy holiday candle
 literally smells like an autumn day . . . loved this one
 I got this scent in a room spray and it is heavenly!

Another one that I couldn't believe how real it smelt!  Honestly smells like you are sitting right next to a home wood burning fire!!!
 This one I have to go back and buy!  It reminded me of Scotland and home and my grandma!
 Beautiful romantic smell but not too sweet or florally . . . perfect
 Simply Yummy!
 I bought this one because it has to be hands down the most amazing candle EVER . . . . I cant express how much this actually smells like a fresh baked baguette smothered in butter ...... it is insane!
 Great fresh scent for this season!
I bought this one for our bedroom.  Mellow, romantic, cozy and masculine  . . . perfect for the bedroom!

tough job

I don't know when it happened or how it happened but we now have a very short, pms-ing, over-emotional teenager in our house who, weirdly enough, happens to be about 4yrs old! 
Veteran mama's, parents, grandparents . . . what the heck? Every 5 minutes I hear "why arent you listening to me, mummy?" "why are you not paying attention to me?" . . . . and if I even as much as hint that I'm busy, frustrated, grumpy, tired or ask for 5 minutes I get a flood of hysterical tears, followed by her running straight to her bedroom and a door slam.  I give her some time then when I go in to talk with her about what is going on I get "you really really hurt my feelings" "that didn't feel nice mummy" . . . WTH?!?!?! 
(photo taken by sis-in-law Amity Yates)
She is super sensitive to any attention I give Harper and is doing things to get attention but in a negative light.  I feel so torn right now because both my girls are going through a "mummy-only phase" and they are both getting jealous of the other when I am holding, giving attention or playing with the other one.  It is an exhausting and guilt-ridden phase and any advice or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated!
(photo by Amity Yates)

I feel like I am putting out mini fires all day long and each little fire is followed by two major meltdowns . . . then all those self-defeating questions pop into your heart & mind . . . "Am I being too strict?" "Am I making the right decisions that nurture them?" "Do they need more of my time?" "Am I being the best mum & role model for them?" . . .
Being a mum, or a dad, is a tough, emotional gig and although I would NEVER give this gig up, I had no idea the ride I was in for . . .


check out this video ..... It had me laughing so hard .... it is so true! We all do it!!!

Happy Weekend

Get Cozy & have fun!

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