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Coming to Life

I love finding quirky new things, so this website totally does it for me!  How absolutely fun to bring to life your childs imagination and drawings!!  While it is a little expensive, I would totally do this once my girls draw actual things instead of scribble (we are just starting to draw pac-man-ish self portraits and families!)

You simply take a photo of your child’s masterpiece, upload it on the website and viola 3 weeks later you have a little sandstone figurine.  I think this is such a sweet way to capture your childs innocence in something tangible, something you can look at in 20 years and it will bring you right back to the days of sitting and coloring with them . . . 

 I love this little mermaid 

And what about this amazing site developed by a fellow mama of course! . . . . It is the same concept except this company transforms your childs flat, 2 dimensional imaginary friend into a huggable, loveable 3D buddy!  It would be absolutely magical to see your childs face realizing that their imagination had come to life.

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