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If you don't already tune into "Scandal" on a Thursday night at 10pm on abc, then grab your remote and set your TV to record this show . . . it is AWESOME wrapped in delicious.  Season 3 just started but don't worry I just caught up on Season 1 & 2 over the weekend .... ahem, yes that addicting!

Kerry Washington (who, might I add, is drop dead gorgeous) plays "Olivia Pope," the fixer girl in Washington.  The show is exciting, scandalous, provocative and thrilling.  It has mystery, politics, love, romance, humor, and fashion!!!! The closet of Olivia Pope is blog-worthy, take a look . . .

 Amazing dress she wears to a Ball at the White House . . .

 This is one of my favorite things she wears, a Ferragamo wrap coat!!!

Olivia Pope also drinks her red wine out of the most beautiful wine glasses and I found them on a blog from Crate & Barrel . . . I have to have them; look how long and sexy those stems are!

And how stunning was Kerry Washington at the Golden Globes in this Miu Miu dress!


  1. OH I really have to watch this show - I have been wanting to catch it, but keep missing it! I need a new, thrilling show since my beloved FIRM was cancelled! :( xo

  2. Honey! Love love Scandal! I go through withdrawals when they skip a week! Thx for stopping by! Glad to find a new blog to follow!


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