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Slowly but surely

I feel so behind in the New years, new start, fresh new resolutions, etc . . . . . Our home has been a consistent germ-fest since the week before Christmas; snot noses, earaches, sinus infections, bladder infections, and now its fevers, coughs and the flu hooray!  Seriously I feel like the past month I have just been keeping my head above water far less being able to think of goals, and toning and working out and eating clean and house projects to tackle in 2013!  Don't get me wrong all the ideas and words are swirling around in my brain but they are all muddled up.

So today I am going to try and articulate some goals that I would like to take on in 2013.  Don't judge these are going to be very broad goals but I am starting somewhere right?  I really want to get away from big lofty annual goals because they never work so hopefully this weekend, if fevers and snot permitting, I will get to break down my aspirations into monthly and weekly goals. 

I am ordering my Blueprint cleanse today for next week!!! A 4-day juice cleanse to help me kick start my year.  Juice gives me energy that is actually better than the energy-jolt from coffee so I am excited to see how I feel after 4 days.... I will keep you posted.

We have a juicer at home but it is old so I want to buy this one and start juicing daily, or making a batch on a weekend for the week!  And I want to get the girls involved in making it, thinking of fun recipes and drinking it!  For $99 I have read that this little beauty below is a powerhouse!

I have ordered my 2013 planner and fav pens to get myself organized.  I prefer planners that just have the monthly view because I hate having to write things twice (in the weekly/daily section and in the big month part.) And I ordered this one because I loved the pop of color!  I have started making our annual doctor appointments and dental appointments so that they are already taken care of!. 

So this is where I am starting, slow but attainable.  How is your fresh start going?

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  1. please let me know how you like the juices! i've considered ordering those so many times before! xo


Thank you for your comments, I truly appreciate it! Have a fabulous day. xoxo E

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