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Tarjay anxiety

Does anyone else sufffer from "Target Anxiety?"  Don't laugh, it's a real disorder (okay not really, but it is in my world!) The symptoms can range from heart palpation's, to sweaty palms, to heavy breathing, to picking almost every single cute thing off the rack and putting it in my cart only to get to the other side of the store and find that my cart has everything from a vacuum to a bikini (don't ask), to hair bows, to new sippy cups, to fabric dye, a sink plug, bananas, and about 701,376 other items.  I want it ALL, but I don't need ANY of it and the only things I came for, a new water bottle & trash bags, are NOT in my cart!

AHHHHH now is the time I go thru it all and purge! But it is SO hard when 99% of it all is on clearance right now . . . $4 sweat-pants for the girls, $12 sweater for me!!!  It's like some vicious cycle and I need some therapy . . . can anyone else relate?

I picked up these for myself . . .

This is a supersoft, oversized grey sweater with little silver flecks thru it

These are the MOST comfortable things on the planet! I got the white, grey and gunmetal ones!

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  1. I can totally relate! Happens every time I go into a Tarjay!!
    Cute finds. I did not see those shoes last time I was there.



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