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Sh*t Salad . . .

Sorry I have been MIA friends . . . we have had a rough few days, and I am definitely going to share but I am just a little too exhausted right now to write a whole post on it.  And when I was feeling like crap I asked some friends this "I understand that when life hands you lemons you make lemonade but what do you do when it hands you sh*t?" The responses all made me smile . . .
"Fertile the lawn"
"Throw it back"
"Shit salad"
"Wipe it off, pick yourself up, and march on"
 .... so for today here are some scenes from our past weekends while I catch my breath . . . 

 seriously this outfit she put together was worthy of an "Aerosmith" concert!!!

 Pre-run . . . love these running leggings from Champion at Target (here)

 Now that little MS. Em is in preschool I am paranoid about Lice!!! so I bought this to try ans stay ahead of the pests ... (here)

  Valentines crafts . . . 

Too bad this cute heart garland had to get tossed when it almost caught fire after an really bizarre fireplace experience we had this past weekend.(from Target)

 Beautiful weather to sit outside and read 1 of her 35 library books!

 No words . . . 

 This was sooooo needed come Friday night

 Post-run . . .

 Just another day in paradise

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