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The Big Four - Oh!

Yes it is true, astonishingly true, our baby girl is turning 4 next week and I can't believe it .... honestly I kick myself in the a*s when I say "time flies and they grow up so fast" because while life is happening it can seem like phases and sleepless nights make weeks and months drag on but then you turn around one day and you're planning your once little, tiny, wriggly, flour-sak baby her 4th birthday party with all her little school friends !!!!  Freeze time please ....... (but make sure it is during a good sleep & no-tantrum phase, OK)

I wanted to show you the party favors I am doing and guess what? this idea was born and bred in my brain not from a magazine or Pinterest!!!! I know, I know, I'm kind of a big deal . . . .

I am not a huge fan of candy, sweets, or cheap little plastic things for party bags.  I love bubbles or arts & crafts things so I decided to take a project that Emerson's and I did and turn it into a very fun and inexpensive party favor . . . . I bought everything at Michael's (and Target) but I am sure you can find them at any craft store.

 I bought 3 sets these little pots of paints that are all linked together and cut them into individual sets of 3 paints each.  And I got a bag of 24 paintbrushes for like $2, oh and some tiny little Ziploc baggies . . .

 Then I bought each kid one of these sweet little natural wood bird houses ($1 each) for them to paint with their little paint/brush sets

Then I included a little baggie of bird seed with each set (we had a big bag of seed that we bought from the pet-store for our yard)

So the bird house, paint, paintbrush and birdseed all got put in these fun little party bags from Target, and we sealed the bags with either and "E" or "4" sticker!!!



F U N 

And I can't wait till she gets this new bike helmet! It is so rad!

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