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So it's Friday ... again!!! This week flew by and was actually fun and productful (despite almost no sleep for 3 nights "thank you full moon and night terrors")

My week according to my phone . . . 

Ms. E fell in love with this egg chair at a b-day party (too bad they are $800)

 Monday night we celebrated two wonderful events (took all the kiddos for Mexican food (guac and beans!!) and marg's for mama's) - my lil sisters b-day and my good friends fundraiser for March of Dimes! So fun

Cousin love . . .  Seriously too cute! 

Ms. H playing (aka getting into trouble!)

 Ms. Em's new quilt came and we couldn't be happier.  It is really nicely made, feels soft and substantial not light and flimsy like I was worried it might!  The colors are awesome!

 A little bit of gardening with Daddy mid-week (we are working on the grass then next we will be adding plants, trees, flowers).  Mr. Hotpants is becoming quite the green-thumb . . . must admit it's kinda sexy!

 This tree is beautiful with its little cherry blossom flowers (we hung our little birdhouses on it)

 I love spring flowers - we have pansies, daffodils and tulips coming up!

 Decorating Easter sugar cookies with our new "amazing" nanny

 These two are becoming best buds and I can't tell you how much it warms my heart . . . there is nothing quite like watching a siblings love grow and develop . . .it is so natural and organic (ahem ....we are going to have to start working on that paci!)


 loving on her sweets just like her Daddy 

 Just a little sneak peak on what the Easter Bunny might be bringing this year for the girls!  They are going to love it!!! and of course mama had to pick a custom paint color .... you'll see Monday

Have an absolutely wonderful weekend . . . fill it with laughter and love and wine!


  1. OK have just spent a half hour clicking in here and there. Your girls are growing so quickly. It's funny that other peoples' kids grow so much more quickly than your own seem to? LOVE Em's bedroom, swish and groovy and so exotic with the Morrocan poufs and the cover. You have a real flair I'm going to show it to Tallulah, 12, it's that sort of bedroom that will still feel great when Em's a teenager!

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