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I feel yucky

First of all, Happy Birthday, to my yummy Mr. Hotpants . . . my life would not be as full without you as my partner in this life journey.  I love you to the moon and back . . . 

I'm sicker than I have been in a long time!  Insane cough, that is making my head pound and body ache because I am coughing so much and so hard . . . neon green snot, like NEON!  I am on antibiotics and a nasal spray thingy so hopefully something will happen soon . . .

I  woke up this morning at 4am and figured that since I normally get up at 5am, I would just stay awake for fear that I would oversleep and be late to the office!  Weird thing happened; I loved every second of that hour.  Even though I was tired and thinking "OMG later this is gonna suck!", it was the most relaxing, peaceful and quiet hour I have had in, like, f o r e v e r . . .  I drank my coffee without gulping it, or having to reheat it 6 times, and read my new Elle Decor magazine, and actually got to read some articles, instead of flipping through it like the phone book.  

I started thinking that if I can get to bed an hour earlier, maybe getting up 30-45mins earlier would be great for me to have my "zen-zone-out" time?  I have heard people say they do this and thought they were crazy, but they may be onto something.  What do you think? An hour more of sleep and immediately awake to "needing" chatty kids? or an hour less sleep and some quiet time to relax, read, meditate, watch TV, whatever?

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  1. poor mama :(

    I know what you mean about that 'alone' time - it is nice, although not sure I could be making it up by 4am ;).

    Hope you had a great weekend! xo


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