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kick in the a*s

that's what I need to get this boot-ay in gear for summer!!!! I finally feel like I can breath a little better after being close to death with what was either bronchitis or walking pneumonia on my 2nd antibiotic), our nanny walking out on us, and my huge week at work is over! So now on to making me look like this . . . 

Wow she is amazing (Tracy Anderson)

I want to incorporate a few tips from Joslyn, at Simply Lovely and I am going to start with her tip to drink 32oz of water every morning before you have your coffee! She says that this has been life changing, and she is a busy working mama of 2 beautiful girls, so I will trust her on this.  I have to admit this scares me a little because I CANNOT get my coffee in me quick enough, but I will give it a try.  I am also going to try the "jump rope" tip because it seems like it may be the most fun and accessible and easy to do anywhere/anytime!

I want to look and more importantly, feel great this year (summer) . . . when I feel good in my own skin, I am happier, more relaxed, feel sexier, and want to go out and do more in general.  I want to be a confident role model for my girls and share with them how eating good and taking care of yourself inside and out, can do wonders for your energy, health, and overall general happiness. . . . I'll keep you updated!

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  1. UHG ditto! I just came across a great new blog - really inspirational when it comes to fitness - http://muffin-topless.com/



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