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my three . . .

Mr. Hotpants has taken to taking the girls shopping for me for birthdays, Christmas, Easters, etc . . . at Target and letting them (Emerson) pick out anything she wants to buy me and to be honest she never disappoints.  I love that he does this too because it shows them that we value their opinions, their choices, and I think it helps them develop into themselves - being able to think for themselves, feel proud of picking something out truly on their own . . . I think it is empowering for their little beings and they super duper enjoy it!!!

This time she picked me out some cute flats . . . 

a new sleek coffee mug . . . 

and this fab Threshold bottle . . . it's big; I love it!!!!

Things I want to teach my girls . . .

 are things I will have to practice and show by example for them! 

As I read this for the first time this morning it stopped me dead in my thoughts!  Why you ask? Because I have lived most of my life trying to make OTHER people proud of me! The thought of making myself proud of myself had never occurred to me . . . Kind of a "light bulb" realization for me.  And the more I thought about it, the more I see what a profound statement this is and that I want my girls to grow up practicing this and not the latter.  (I think this may need to become a canvas print for the house!!!)

This one never rang as true to me until after I had children.  I still don't understand and abhor woman who tear each other down; we are all wearing 1000 different hats, all trying to raise our children into wonderful little people, all trying to make our homes beautiful, trying to contribute to the family, trying to keep an ounce of ourselves . . . so why can't we ALL bring each other up? Lend each other a hand? Stop judging and start loving?

Secrets of Happy Mom's

I found this short article and I really wanted to share it with all the mama's out there because it is simple, sweet and something I think we can all incorporate into our day-to-day lives . . . I may post this in my bathroom just to give myself a daily reminder . . . 

"It turns out that one of the tricks to being a great mom is to be a good mom. Confused? Read on to find out just what it takes to raise your kids right, while staying happy and sane yourself" (read full article here)

Secrets of Happy Mums
1. They forgive easily 
2. They're not perfect
3. They ask for help
4. They back off
5. They're dependable
6. They listen
7. They're secure
8. They aren't pushovers

B-day Surprise a la Mr. Hotpants

Mr.Hotpants has always been a good one with birthday surprises, mothers day, and most other holidays!  He likes the element of surprise and likes to spoil . .  and this birthday was no different!

Last Friday he came to pick me up from work (we carpool a few days a week); I jumped in the car, we asked how each others day was then he announced "So this is the beginning of your birthday weekend!"  Then he said that he had booked me 2 spa treatments (75min massage with paraffin foot massage, and a hot stone pedicure) at The W Hotel's Bliss Spa.  Then we would be heading downstairs for some cocktails followed by a yummy dinner!!! I was blown away and SO SO needed the break.  The treatments were unbelievable, I took a steam shower before my massage and it made it that much better!  

The gorgeous W Hotel in Westwood

My standing drink, a Kir Royale, at one of my most favorite and memorable restaurants, Soleil in Westwood! Mr. Hotpants and I lived in the most perfect little cottage in Westwood from our engagement till after our wedding. . . and since we were married in the South of France, we immediately sought out a French restaurant in our neighborhood after our honeymoon . . .We found Soleil and Luc (the owner) and it was love at first bite! (we had my 30th birthday party here too)

Our little cottage . . . so many great memories here . . . le sigh!

My first cocktail of the evening . . . a delicious fresh mint organic mojito!

Mr. Hotpants in all his stunning beauty! he he he . . . 

The bar in the W Hotel . . . modern rustic! loved it 

Restaurant at the W hotel . . . loved the minimal, modern rustic decor . . . highly recommend going for a drink here

The rest of the weekend was wonderful . . . there was some gardening, drawing, shopping, and ladybug buying!!! We went to our local Armstrong's and picked up some ladybugs to put on the rosebushes to eat the aphids!!! and we found these carnivorous "King Charles" snails . . . the eat all the brown garden snails (the ones that eat all you plants)  . . . we set both of these guys out Saturday night so we will see if it helps the garden this summer!

Mr. Hotpants made little Ms. Em's lunch for school and look how cute it was!!! Flower PB&J sandwich, fresh fruit salad, and tofu!

In da house!!!

So we have met one of the fantabulous sisters here on my blog before, and now you get to meet the baby sister...... My Chetna (or Retna as I fondly call her) is one of the funniest, hilarious and beautiful people I know.  She is beyond caring and generous and thoughtful!  

She just bought her own house in the perfect, artsy, quaint neighborhood of Silverlake two years ago and I begged her to share photos and her resources on my blog because it is dope y'all!  Take a look for yourself . . . (BTW I had no idea CB2 had great stuff like this!)

The exterior

 The living room 

rug - CB2; sofa - Living Spaces; coffee table & acrylic magazine rack (I need this) - CB2; drapes - left from previous owner (lucky!) 

 The dining room 

Table - Z Gallerie; orange bench (love!!) - Room Service (on 3rd Street in LA); Chairs - boutiques (I can get details if you want); Credenza - CB2; chandelier & drapes - previous owner!!!

 The kitchen 

Stools & table - CB2; island pendant lights & curtains - previous owner!

 I love the built in wine rack!

The master bedroom

Rug - CB2; Bed & dresser - Room Service; Green blanket - CB2; sheets - Macy's; 
Curtains - her friend's website Willa Skye

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!

Not only is it my birthday today but it's Earth Day!!!! I love love love that my birthday is part of this wonderful day of awareness!!! Recycle, turn off your water, open the windows and turn of the A/C, pick up trash and teach your children about caring for their future home, today and always!

I have tons of photos from one of the best weekends ever! but I wont overload you all in one post . . . I will keep Mr. Hotpants surprise weekend for tomorrow! 

I got the amazing ring that I posted about here and it is even more beautiful in person! I love the weight of it . . . such a perfect statement piece.  My mum got it for me and the packaging was beautiful, with a handwritten note inside!

Some insane goodies from here were on my desk this morning with a candle . . . along with this freaking amazing Rag & Bone scarf below . . . love love love working with my bestie!  She knows me so well!

Cant wait to read this little gem of a book . . . thanks mum!!

Friday perfection . . .

oh how I would love to cruise around in this MiH jumpsuit and these Isabel Marant sandals . . . 
Have a great weekend y'all!

In case you missed it!

My new "about me" page!!!! (by the wonderful Sara Mueller)

Get your accessories on!

I am loving Z Gallerie's awesomeness when it comes to home accent pieces .... there are TOO many to choose from . . . check out my picks!

I LOVE this glass knot!!!

I knew our house was missing something . . . who knew it was a rhinoceros head!!!

What are your fav's?

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