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sorry for getting lost for the past few days . . . let's see we have had a re-occuring ear infection, green boogery noses, "fake" strep throat (this bug is so jealous of Strep that it mimics it, lame but vindictively sore), an almost separated AC joint (in my shoulder - SO sore) and a scorpion.  

Whats that you say? Did you read that correctly? A SCORPION?

Yes . . . a mother- beeping SCORPION made an appearance in our bathroom the other morning.  I know we moved and all but I had no idea we signed a deal to be in a reality TV show on the National Geographic channel that takes place in the Amazon! Seriously WTF.

We have resident coyotes and a family of bobcats, a family of lizards, a community of rabbits, a couple of hummingbirds and now a frickin scorpion . . . and before we moved wanna know what we had??? A balcony patio ha ha ha.

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