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Museum a la familia

I have been drawn to homes that are kid-friendly, but not just kid-friendly but kid-proud . . . 

So we have started incorporating some of the girls artwork into our home . . . it is fun, young, fresh and makes the girls feel so proud and honored ..... Emerson calls pieces "masterpieces" and they are!!!

I found the frames on clearance at Target for $5.68 each! (18x24), they were black and yes, you are correct, I sprayed them gold!  I bought a bunch of Martha Stewart paints, in colors that Emerson and I loved, and let her go for it! I bought a pack of 5 black mattes from here at an amazing price (they were $29,99 each at Aaron Brothers!) and viola the start of our own museum . . . . I think I may take the glass/plastic out though as I am not a fan of the sheen/ glare from them!

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