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Secrets of Happy Mom's

I found this short article and I really wanted to share it with all the mama's out there because it is simple, sweet and something I think we can all incorporate into our day-to-day lives . . . I may post this in my bathroom just to give myself a daily reminder . . . 

"It turns out that one of the tricks to being a great mom is to be a good mom. Confused? Read on to find out just what it takes to raise your kids right, while staying happy and sane yourself" (read full article here)

Secrets of Happy Mums
1. They forgive easily 
2. They're not perfect
3. They ask for help
4. They back off
5. They're dependable
6. They listen
7. They're secure
8. They aren't pushovers


  1. Agree with all these. And they take time out for themselves and don't pretend that everything is just dandy all the time. Emma - love your attitude and how you seem to have a great handle on how to do all this (and you have great hairdos!).

    1. coming from you this is SUCH a compliment! Thank you . . . I feel like I am barely making it some days!


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