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Things I want to teach my girls . . .

 are things I will have to practice and show by example for them! 

As I read this for the first time this morning it stopped me dead in my thoughts!  Why you ask? Because I have lived most of my life trying to make OTHER people proud of me! The thought of making myself proud of myself had never occurred to me . . . Kind of a "light bulb" realization for me.  And the more I thought about it, the more I see what a profound statement this is and that I want my girls to grow up practicing this and not the latter.  (I think this may need to become a canvas print for the house!!!)

This one never rang as true to me until after I had children.  I still don't understand and abhor woman who tear each other down; we are all wearing 1000 different hats, all trying to raise our children into wonderful little people, all trying to make our homes beautiful, trying to contribute to the family, trying to keep an ounce of ourselves . . . so why can't we ALL bring each other up? Lend each other a hand? Stop judging and start loving?

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