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Tricks of my trade . . .

I hope you all had a great weekend! We had a fab time with some great friends . . . we saw the Space Shuttle Endeavor and it was awesome! It was so cool that it looked fake, ya know what I mean?  Pic's to come I promise.

We did a bit of gardening this weekend (well not we, more like Mr. Hotpants and Ms. Em), some organizing and getting ready for the week and a few things came to mind that make our life a little smoother and I thought I would share.

1. My girls eat fruit by the bushel, love tofu, broccoli, beans, carrots and olives.  They are healthy little peeps.  They get candy and some snacky foods of course but I do like to make sure they are getting their protein, good fats, and keep the sugar on the low side.  That's why I love to take these Trader Joe's Organic yogurt Squeezy's, freeze them, then offer the girls these as ice cream pops for a sweet delicious dessert or afternoon treat!!! They LOVE them and you can do it with any brand.  They are also great for teething toddlers!!!

2. Save the medicine measuring cups that come with every single children's medicines!  The come in handy for so many things.  We primarily use them for painting, I just line the little cups up and squeeze a little paint in each for an easy little art studio set-up.  They are also handy for serving the kids their ketchup in at dinner! I also use them to give the girls a few jelly beans so they can carry them around and not let them melt all over their hands . . . I have got your creative juices flowing now, haven't I?

3.  These little grip suction pads have come in so handy!  I picked up mine somewhere random and I can't remember but these look about the same and I got 2 packs.  They are great to take on vacation, to grandma's, use in the kitchen sink if your little one still likes sink baths once in a while (mine does) . . . but they literally take up no space to pack and can turn anything (bath, sink, shower) into a safe surface for your babe! I use them at home too and I like how I don't always have to have a kiddy bath mat down and that the bathroom looks less playroom-ish!

4. My girls love my milkshakes! Just take their favorite yogurt, put a few tablespoons into a sippy cup, add milk, put the top on and shake like crazy and viola! a frothy, milky yummy milkshake! You can add ice to the sippy cup to make it colder and more authentic!! My girls love them and always ask for one!

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