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A Steal!

I love a great find so when I came across these perfect beauties ($30) I HAD to get them and share with you . . .

They are almost a dead ringer for these $300 Vince shoes. 

The F21 pair also come in a great nude color that I may have to go back and get!  They are not on the website anymore so I believe they must be sold out; if you like them you'd better run to your nearest F21 because they wont last long!

Have a fantastic weekend! We will be lounging beach & poolside with Papa (my dad!) at his little retreat in Newport. 

Memorial dump

We had a great weekend with my brother-in-law, his wife and their two little boys! We hit up the big "D" (Disneyland) for some rides, parades, cotton candy and Cars Land, then made it to Huntington Beach one afternoon and then Crystal Cove Beach with dinner at Tommy Bahamas! It was the perfect weather and perfect ratio of planned activities vs. hot tub & prosecco time!  Here are some pic's . . . . 

 sweetpea trying spaghetti bolognese for the first time and LOVING it!

 Funny faces at Tommy Bahamas in Newport! 

 They were in the hot tub at least 3 times a day!


In line for "It's a Small World" ride 

 Teacups! Girls won!

 Gorgeous! . . . at Crystal Cove

 she cracks us up!!

 beach beauty!

 our water baby - runs straight in the ocean!!!

 Wearing the napkin rings as bracelets! hellz yeah fashionista!

 Junior cocktail!

Yes Master!

In our last condo we had ivory Berber carpet in the bedrooms so our bedroom palette was ivory, browns, gold, and some pops of coral and blues.  But in moving to our new house I wanted everything to be white and bright so it pretty much ruled out all of our master bedroom stuff!  

Since we have focused on other things around the house (girls rooms & yard) we have been using what we have in our room but slowly I am piecing the new look together  . . . it will still take a while (see list of what I want to do below) but I got my new curtains hung yesterday and I love how it accents the height of our vaulted ceilings!  I hung the curtain rod right at the ceiling and added about 13" to each side of the window . . . like this diagram ... it really makes the room and the window appear much larger than they are!

Pardon the bad iPhone pics taken around 5pm (horrible lighting!) I swear everything is not yellowish as it seems.  This is our old bed frame (Z Gallerie here), a plain white down comforter and our old linens.  That is a lamp that used to be in our living room, and so is the ivory shag rug.

I moved my little coral x-bench (Target) into the bedroom (it was in the hallway) as it is my little drop-spot for my purse, etc after work . . . I am loving the color palette coming together - peacock blue, coral, white, gold accents and I want to add some palm leave fabric in here too!

One of my fav inspiration pic's . . . these colors plus some blue!

 My little drop spot moved from the hallway to our bedroom . . .

I am thinking I want a poster bed like the one above or this one (love this room too!). . . .  How awesome are these!

And lastly I am thinking I really like this quilt for draping at the bottom of the bed, and having all white linens with some John Robshaw shams and palm throw pillows for the bedding!

New bed and bed frame (king size boo-yay!)
New bed linens
New curtains 
New lamps
New rug
New credenza or built-in cabinets & shelves (for storage and TV)


An Ann Taylor Loft pop-up store has surfaced on Robertson Blvd so we wandered in the other day and I was so surprised at how many cute things they have and the great prices.  I don't think I have ever been in a Loft store before?! . . . .but I got these little fun potatoes and I love them.  They are a jelly/plastic sandal with gorgeous coral stones and they were $19.50! . . . 

check out some of my other fun finds . . . 

 Love this scarf print dress . . . only $79

 These little flats with the perfect splash of neon for summer .... only $39.50
 Have you ever shopped at a LOFT before??


We have lived in the US now longer than we lived in Scotland, a fact that makes me sad sometimes . . . so when I saw these photos taken by my grade school best-friend in Scotland, who is an amazing super-mama to two gorgeous little boys (and she is an MD!!!), I got a little homesick . . . . and was literally awestruck that it was not dark and gloomy . . . ha ha ha 

This was on her morning walk with her boys in Stirling, Scotland.  This is the old Stirling Bridge (built in 1550) and that tall pointy building in the back is the National Wallace Monument (yes! from BraveHeart)

I can't wait to take the girls back here to visit all my family and see all the beauty and history . . . It will have to be a few more years though as little Ms. H would get us thrown off a 10hr international flight with her diva attitude!

Out of Town Guests!

We are so excited to have our first out-of-town guests at our new house.  Mr. Hotpants' brother, his wife and their two cute little boys are coming this Memorial Day weekend from Denver.  We plan to hit up Disneyland, BBQ yummy grub and catch-up hopefully with margaritas in hand!

With that said we need to get our guest room set-up and ready to go.   It is a small multifunctional room - it is Mr. Hotpant's home office (we built a desk into the existing closet space and put new doors on it) and it is our guest room.  

So we decided on finding either a sofa bed or daybed that would fit 2 people . . . . it has been pretty tough finding something that is small enough but comfortable too . . . but we did find this little piece of wonderment at Ikea and I think it will be perfect.  

Here is my mood board for the room - we already have the rug and lamp, the rest we have to get but it is not a lot . . . love the pops of color from the pillows!

Friday Round-up

It's Friday and I am exhausted but I feel accomplished . . . this is my third week straight of running/walking twice a week; I have averaged 5 miles per week!  This is huge for me since I have only been 100% committed to working out twice a week for the past year . . . but for me this schedule is working! 

 Relaxing on the drive in . . Mr.Hotpants is driving, I am reading blogs on my iPhone! heaven

It helps that we leave the house at 5:30am and I am already hitting the streets at 6:20am for my run.  It takes some organizing (packing my work clothes & setting out my workout gear the night before) but it is SO worth it and besides I get to see gorgeous store fronts on Robertson Blvd!

 I want this black and white dress to go on sale!!! I need it!

I finally got some of those Turkish bath towels I have been coveting (thanks to my brother and sis-in-law's Amazon gift cards!)  . . . I bought them on Amazon (here) and was a little worried how they might look and feel because they were such a great price ($20 each) compared to others at $45/each!! They arrived in really pretty packaging with a glass, hand-blown bead wrapped around them and they are made in Turkey!  I washed them once and they are already so soft, I can only imagine how great these will feel after a few washes (they recommend washing them 3 times before using). They are a great size too; definitely will be using them as sarongs for the pool/beach too!

I had such a hard time choosing colors . . . I loved all of them, but then I decided I would be buying more so I can get more colors!

 For the master bathroom

These pics were taken pre-washed, hence the fold wrinkles

And for some weekend inspiration for you to get up and go for a walk, jog, chase your kids, do some sit-ups while you are watching TV or waiting for the BBQ to heat up . . . . 


 Even if your glowing ladies, go for a walk the exercise and fresh air will feel great!


Have a fantastic weekend

Quintessential Palm Springs

I cannot express how in love I am with these gems I picked up yesterday at lunch from F21  . . . . . and for only $19 no less . . .

Also found these little sandals for $8.80 . . . . seriously for as much as I wear flat sandals in the summer I need like 6 pairs . . . with this price I can have tons!  They have them in a few fun color combinations

Outfits . . . and DIY

From this past week . . . 

American Apparel skirt, Old Navy Shirt (old) and F21 vest (old)

Leggings, Joie cardigan (old), Kate Spade locket, F21 tank top (here)

Old Navy linen dress (here), BR bracelets, F21 spike bracelet, Steve Madden sandals (old)

My May DIY . . . Spray painted an old "stewed tomato" can gold!!!

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