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Friday Round-up

It's Friday and I am exhausted but I feel accomplished . . . this is my third week straight of running/walking twice a week; I have averaged 5 miles per week!  This is huge for me since I have only been 100% committed to working out twice a week for the past year . . . but for me this schedule is working! 

 Relaxing on the drive in . . Mr.Hotpants is driving, I am reading blogs on my iPhone! heaven

It helps that we leave the house at 5:30am and I am already hitting the streets at 6:20am for my run.  It takes some organizing (packing my work clothes & setting out my workout gear the night before) but it is SO worth it and besides I get to see gorgeous store fronts on Robertson Blvd!

 I want this black and white dress to go on sale!!! I need it!

I finally got some of those Turkish bath towels I have been coveting (thanks to my brother and sis-in-law's Amazon gift cards!)  . . . I bought them on Amazon (here) and was a little worried how they might look and feel because they were such a great price ($20 each) compared to others at $45/each!! They arrived in really pretty packaging with a glass, hand-blown bead wrapped around them and they are made in Turkey!  I washed them once and they are already so soft, I can only imagine how great these will feel after a few washes (they recommend washing them 3 times before using). They are a great size too; definitely will be using them as sarongs for the pool/beach too!

I had such a hard time choosing colors . . . I loved all of them, but then I decided I would be buying more so I can get more colors!

 For the master bathroom

These pics were taken pre-washed, hence the fold wrinkles

And for some weekend inspiration for you to get up and go for a walk, jog, chase your kids, do some sit-ups while you are watching TV or waiting for the BBQ to heat up . . . . 


 Even if your glowing ladies, go for a walk the exercise and fresh air will feel great!


Have a fantastic weekend

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