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Go green

We have a little ritual, Ms. Em and I.  Every Saturday I work out, then take her to ballet, then hit up the library for her weekly 35  books, then we head to Trader Joe's for groceries for the week.  Once we are home and put away all the groceries we take out all the left over produce and fruit that we didn't use or finish from the week before and juice it!  It is such a fun thing to do with little Ms. Em!

I try to make a big batch so that I can have a 5-8oz glass each weekday . . . it is so much better than coffee at giving you the vibrant energy to start the day . . . 

This past weekend this is what got juiced . . . 

1 entire pineapple
1 bag of kale
1 bag of spinach
1 Fuji apple
3 cups of baby carrots
2 clementine oranges
1 full lime (or lemon) 
big chunk of ginger (put as much as you like in) 

UH - MAZINGLY delicious!!!!

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