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We have lived in the US now longer than we lived in Scotland, a fact that makes me sad sometimes . . . so when I saw these photos taken by my grade school best-friend in Scotland, who is an amazing super-mama to two gorgeous little boys (and she is an MD!!!), I got a little homesick . . . . and was literally awestruck that it was not dark and gloomy . . . ha ha ha 

This was on her morning walk with her boys in Stirling, Scotland.  This is the old Stirling Bridge (built in 1550) and that tall pointy building in the back is the National Wallace Monument (yes! from BraveHeart)

I can't wait to take the girls back here to visit all my family and see all the beauty and history . . . It will have to be a few more years though as little Ms. H would get us thrown off a 10hr international flight with her diva attitude!

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