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Keeping me sane

Life has been busy and bumpy and busy recently but a few things have been keeping me on the up and up mentally . . . . for one, I started exercising more.  For the past year I have religiously taken an 8am Saturday Zumba class and an 8am Sunday PiYo class but other than those classes my work outs were sporadic during the week .... well I got sick of it and decided I would HAVE to find 2-3 extra days to do some cardio ..... So twice a week I have been running before work .... been able to get in about a 2.5mile run and it feels fantastic!

Running rain or shine (it was raining this morning!)

Zumba . . . is SO much fun! I admit when I started it I couldn't make it through a class with out laughing, like pee your pants laughing!  But now it is pure fun and a fantastic workout! Such a perfect way to start the weekend.  But the one thing I never really warmed up to was all the people who would bring their zumba gear (belly dancing skirts, arm cuffs, etc) . . . I thought it was a little unnecessary .... then about 2 weeks ago as we were dancing away in class, I watched a woman wearing her coin skirt in class and she was having a freaking fantastic fun time and it occurred to me at that moment that life is too short to not wear a Zumba skirt.  

 I was worried I would look silly or cheesy but then I thought how life is so full of deadlines and stresses and juggling acts that we should have as much fun without bothering about what others think as much as we can so . . . .I went straight home, jumped on Amazon and order two skirts; one for me and one for my lil sis!  That is us wearing them last week for the first time and let me tell you it was so much FUN and we got a way better workout because you really have to move your abs, hips, and bootay to get those coins moving!

I ordered this sweet little necklace from here because I loved this one on GOOP but was not about to spend $550 on it!

I love love love it ..... this is how we spell mom in Scotland! "mum" 

 And last but not least . . . these two little beauties keep me on my toes between sane and insanity he he he

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