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Life in brush strokes . . .

I met a wonderful lady a few months ago, Karen Sugden. She is a friend of my dad's, and happens to be an amazing artist.  She was born in Canada but now lives in Newport Beach . . . I remember seeing her work for the first time at my dad's house, in coffee table book he had.  I was immediately in love with her ability to capture children in such a life-like & carefree light . . . . I was struck by the two pieces below and how they pulled at my heart strings because they were so close to photos I have of my girls playing on the beach.  

In Karen's words: "Sunlight is my inspiration.  The composition of strong light and shadows on a subject is what invokes my excitement to paint.  I lived in the grayness of the Pacific Northwest for most of my life.  The rains bring clean air and lush vegetation, but the sunlight of California both excites and lifts me.  I like to reflect this excitement through a warm palette and rich brushstrokes."

This one is so close to a photo I have of Little Ms. Em that I honestly thought my dad had given her a photo of Emerson to Karen to paint . . .

Imagine my surprise when my dad bought these two originals for me for my birthday!!!!! To say I was blown away is an understatement.  These iPhone pics do not do them any justice . . . they are oil-based paintings and the brush strokes give the pieces so much texture and depth, that when you stare at them they almost look as if they are fluid and as if the children could really move.

You want to know the good news????? Karen does commissioned work . . . so if any of you mama's want to capture a precious moment in time, I could not imagine a more sweeter and intimate way to capture it than this . . . . see some of her other work here . . . 

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