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The Bee's Knee's

I had a gift card for Bloomingdale's (how it was still in my wallet I don't know!) and once I smelled this new fragrance by Balenciaga at the Balenciaga store the other day, I knew exactly what that little card was going to be used for!  

If you haven't smelled this "Florabotanica" yet, make sure to smell it next time you are at a department store or Sephora . . . it is delicious, and exciting . . . kinda like me! lol 

And the packaging!!! I want the pattern on the box as a fabric for pillows or curtains . . . for anything really!  The color palette is sheer perfection . . . right?

From Sephora's website: 
"Florabotanica evokes ambivalent bewitching beauty. Velvety and thorny, flirting with hemp and vetiver roots. The scent is flowery, developed on a rose note with a narcotic hemp twist. The wearer is beautiful but dangerous, like some rare botanical species"

Carnation, Wild Mint, Turkish Rose Essence, Hemp Leaves, Vetiver Roots, White Amber.
Beautiful. Dangerous. Rare.

My signature fragrance is Stella by Stella McCartney and always will be . . . 



  1. Oh I love that floral packaging too. I spend my gift cards as soon as they come to me. But I know loads of people who have drawers-full of them! To me they're like cash hanging around.

  2. the only perfume i own is Stella by Stella McCartney! so maybe i'll have to check this new one out.... sounds right up my alley :)


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