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Da Bomb!

So I told you we bought the Friheten sofa bed from Ikea right? Well we had it built this past weekend and I have to say I am way more impressed with it than I thought I would be! . . . these are the pics from the Ikea website /. . .

There are so many great things about it: the chaise can be placed on the left or right side depending on how you need it to in your room, the dark grey color is beautiful in person; kind of a gray-chambray material, there is a storage compartment under the chaise section that is perfect for holding pillows, sheets, blankets and a pillow-top cover and it is very roomy for two people! 

We went ahead and purchased this 2" memory foam mattress topper for added comfort and it is perfect!

Here it is with some old pillows just to dress it up a little . . . I still have to get new pillows and hang up our artwork 

The girls had a ball; it was so fun! This is it opened with the foam topper on (no sheets on in this pic though)

Here are the pillows I ordered for this room! I can't wait to get them and post pic's!

Pink, orange, lavender ikat pillows - $34 for a pair (this etsy store)
White faux fur pillows - $18 each (Amazon)
Lavender ikat lumbar pillow - $25 each (this etsy store)


  1. Did you have issues with Double/Full fitted sheets not quite fitting? I've had to go up to queen size sheets for the fitted. It looks like in your pic the mattress topper may also be a tad too short - unless it is just the angle of the shot. Did you have any issues with the topper being long enough? Otherwise, I love mine too!

  2. Yes i had to use bigger sheets .... I have also just used a queen flat sheet and tucked in under instead of a fitted one and it works ..... the topper stretched out a bit but is still about 1inch short but with the sheet on top it still works ... no one is the wiser : )

  3. So what was more effective? Would a full/double-size flat tucked in work? Queen-size sheets? Fitted or flat? They weren't too big and difficult to squeeze into the crevices? I love my Friheten bed but the sheet issue has been frustrating.

  4. Hi! so we use a queen sized flat sheet tucked into the crevices (not bad to do) i think a twin/double would be just a tad too small to tuck in . . . hope it works for you too! xoxo

  5. Did you go with a double mattress topper? I am waiting for my sofa to get delivered so haven't been able to test out the dimensions. Thanks!


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