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Feeling good . . .

Phew it's Friday ... this week actually flew by for me so that was good!  I was able to keep up with my new commitment and fit in 7.73 miles this week . . . I do a combination of running, walking, skipping and side-stepping .... it's actually quite fun and I can feel it in my bum!!

so true!

For the past 10days I have also done a 10-day herbal cleanse (here).  You take the supplements and eat a clean diet for 10-days (nothing from a box, no caffeine, no alcohol, lots of veggies, fruit, protein)

It was not hard at all and I have felt great and slept amazingly!!!  During the middle of it I felt really bloated but my sister was doing it and said she definitely did not feel bloated....eventually I figured out what it was ... Pistachios!  I was eating a few handfuls a day (I don't normally eat this much) and when I Googled pistachios, it turns out they can cause extreme bloating .... thank goodness!! I was about to head to my doc!!!

My sister and I are also doing this squat challenge (we are only on Day 3) so I will report back on that .... so far it's okay but not sure I'll be saying that at 250 squats a day!  Note - you don't have to do all the squats at once you can space them out through-out the day - makes it doable!)

And remember our guest room update? Well that never happened for our guests! So bummed we weren't able to get the sofa bed delivered before they arrived but the good news is that the sofa was delivered (in 3 gigantic boxes) on Tuesday and someone is coming today to build it! I will take some pics of the finished look and hopefully I can get this little room project wrapped up this weekend!

 Make it a fantastic weekend . . . . 

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