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Getting my sh*t in order!

I like being organized albeit it is harder to do with children but more important to do once you have kids.  So I thought I would share a few things that I have done in my closet/master bathroom to help me stay sane!  

I am awful with accessories but I love them.....if they are not out, if they are stored all nice and neat in a drawer or box, I completely forget they are there and never use them .... so I need my stuff in my FACE everyday so that I will actually get to enjoy them.

This is at my sink in the master bathroom . . . the box was a gift box from Christmas but I loved the gold damask and kept it because I knew it would come in handy!  Inside the box I keep my daily cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, eye cream and my CL case . . . I love that you can't see all those messy little bottles!

In my little blue and white elephant dish I keep all my watches so it makes it easy to grab one and go!  In the little copper dish (it is actually the top from a glass candle I used to have!) I keep all my little non-dangle earrings. . . all within arm's reach!

At the other side of my sink I have this little blue & white dish that holds all my daily rings, bangles and bracelets.  In the blue mason jar I keep my cotton pads for removing make-up, applying toner, or taking off my nail polish! (and a shameless shout-out to my fav body oil)

This is Mr. Hotpants sink side . . . I just put his colognes on a little ceramic tray I picked up at HomeGoods to keep it neat & tidy!

Now on to part of my closet . . .  

The closets were already built-in when we bought the house so it was a nice perk (we don't have a walk-in) . . . In the actual drawers I keep my undies/socks, PJ's, workout clothes, t-shirts and sweats.  In the shelves above I keep my jeans and then above that my purses.  

I decided to hang some of my belts and some of my necklaces out so that I could see them.  I used gold nails to keep it looking chic.  I hung 8 total, the necklaces are all on the top and the bottom two are for the belts I use most frequently . . . As you can see I also hung some of my belts on the metal divider on my jeans shelf too!

In this pic you can see where I hang a handful of my most used scarfs (the selection changes with the seasons - these are my summer fav's) . . . It is on a hook right outside the closet door . . . again easy to grab and go!

I am a very visual person so this has really helped me get the most use out of my things! And it makes it fun in the mornings to just grab a necklace, some earrings, a scarf and head out the door!

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  1. Nice! I really need to do some organizing this week....my house appears clean, but it's NOT! lol xo


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