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Getting Healthy!

So a mama friend of mine, who is an amazing mama to two insanely cute little boys and is also a Stroller Strides instructor, Body Back Instructor and a Cross fit mama got me hooked on this insane Kale superfood salad from . . . . . COSTCO!!!! 

I can't even begin to tell you how good it is, you HAVE to try it for yourself!  It has 7 superfoods in it: kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, dried cranberries, chicory, roasted pumpkin seeds and a poppyseed dressing.  The cranberries and pumpkin seeds are in a separate bag and so is the dressing so you don't need to have those if you want to add your own dressing. Yum yum yum!!!

Mr. Hotpants has also stepped up his health game, he has ALWAYS been healthy, but recently he has gotten more into the antioxidants and such.  He makes us a morning smoothie that is fantastic and gives me such a great start to my day.  Here is what he uses:

fresh blackberries
fresh strawberries
fresh raspberries
fresh blueberries
organic raw almonds
organic raw walnuts
chia seeds
organic hemp protein powder
water, ice 

Another thing I have been working on is my playlist, I seriously love running/skipping/jumping/dancing if I have some good beats!  . . . here are some of my fav's right now:

Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke)
Shake It Out (Florence + The Machine)
Feel this Moment (Pitbull & Cristina Aguilera)
Scream & Shout (Will.i.am & Britney)
Burn (Ellie Goulding)
Call your Girlfriend (Robyn)

I took this photo on our Palm Springs weekend (after a few cocktails!) and I wanted to share it because as always I want to keep things real and honest on here.  This is me, almost 2yrs to the day, post 2nd baby. I have to say I didn't really try that much during the first year after Ms. H was born because I thought it would just come off like it did after Ms. Em but it didn't . . . I blame age, hormones and not enough sleep because I worked out (not a lot) but more consistently than I ever had for the past few years.  But recently I realized I needed to up my game because I wasn't exactly a spring chicken anymore! So for the past year I have been doing a Zumba class on Saturday mornings, a Piyo class on Sunday mornings and recently I have added running 2-3 miles at least 2-3 times a week. In addition to all this cardio I try to squeeze in a few sessions a week of Tracy Andersons arm workout, ab workout and legs. I have started to see some changes in my body (finally!!) after about a year of nothing changing . . . I plan on keeping with this plan, eating clean and doing some juice cleanses . . . I will keep you guys posted on my progress!

For our girls . . .

Our future Presidents, business owners, astronauts, race-car drivers, surfers, doctors, researchers, rulers of the world!!!!  . . . . 

Palm Springs rundown

Our weekend at The Parker last week was exactly what the doctor ordered for Mr.Hotpants and I.  It felt great to have so much uninterrupted time together . . .  have long talks over breakfast and dinners, stroll down the main strip (to visit Marilyn) holding hands and people watching, and sleeping in together till 9:30am both days!!!!

 Perfect casual dinner outfit . . . cutoffs, tank, lacy bralette, CV clutch and messy hair!

 Loved the bathroom faucet in our room!

  Breakfast at Norma's both days! Insanely delicious

 I take these towels everywhere!!! Over my bikini leaving the pool area

 Dinner at Workshop Kitchen with my CV clutch

Marilyn!!! She used to be in Chicago and now she is in PS for a few years! She is HUGE . . . made out of aluminum

  Anyone who knows me, knows that I could live on sandwiches!!! This did not disappoint . . . 

Laying out with good reads, H2O, and quiet!

It was great to get home to these two munchkins . . . .

Crushing on

My new sneaks (bought here) . . . 

and my new little bowls that remind me of Mr.  Hotpants . . .being from the East Coast he is a Blue Crab lover so I thought these were super cute for serving condiments in . . . 

I am also waiting on this sofa cover to see if it will work on our sofa (cannot beat the price!) . . . we are still looking to get a sectional but in the meantime this will brighten up our living room and give me an extra cover so I can wash one while the other is on . . . and I also get to choose some new throw pillows!!!

The rug in the family room has red, orange, grey, and greens in it so I was thinking maybe some of these below would look great on the white sofa cover . . . it's so hard though to pick pillow combinations!

To 3 or not to 3?

That is the question!

We are on the fence about having another baby! Wait! I should probably say "I" am on the fence, as Mr. Hotpants is pretty much a YES! Which I secretly love : ) 

I am so torn between an emotional decision and a logical decision . . . . 

Emotionally I want another baby.  Something inside me, deep inside me, feels incomplete, not finished.  I know it is hell hard when they are little  but I want to have a house full of kids and their friends at Prom time, I want to have big family vacations and feasts on Thanksgiving and Christmas.   I want to have a busy bustling house and I just feel I have more love to give . . . I am one of three and I always felt I had someone around to play with, to talk, to and I still feel that way today.  Sometimes I think 2 might be lonely. . . 

Logically I like the fact that I have my body back, I don't want a 3rd c-section, a 3rd bout with postpartum depression, I am excited that in a year or so the girls will be at the perfect age to start traveling, I like only having to have a car for 4 people, we are not outnumbered with 2 babes, it is expensive to have more . . . yada yada yada . . . 

So what are your thoughts peeps?  I'd love your opinion and thoughts especially if you have your own brood!!

We are off!

We are headed to Palm Springs for the weekend today at noon and while there are some fires out that way and there are thunderstorms in our future we DON'T care!!! 

I am so focused on relaxing, napping, sleeping in, eating great food, watching movies, and reading magazines poolside with a margarita in hand.  Of course I packed enough clothes for 2 weeks but hey! I don't get away much.  One thing I had to do because it always makes me feel so much sexier in a bikini and on vacation was get a TAN! So I hit up Yelp and found an awesome girl in our neighborhood who does it out of her home and I love the results. . . not orange! Here is a bad iPhone pic!

Perfect Palm Springs luggage - Canvas & leather tool bag (sold out) and my weekender from Costa Rica

Of course the closer it gets to go time, the guiltier I feel about leaving my 2 little sweetpeas . . . not sure about other mama's but being a working mum I find it so much harder to take the time for myself and Mr. Hotpants because the weekends are SO precious with our girls since we work all week . . . . BUT I know that we need to devote time to ourselves and each other so once in a while won't hurt. Plus the girls are going to get some quality Grandma "spoiling" time!

 my left and right ventricles . . . my full heart!

Oh and speaking about Christmas . . . lol, like my uncanny ability to smoothly move into a new subject! . . . I keep running by Joseph's gorgeous store front on my morning runs and it has me fantasizing about Winter! Look at these outfits . . . sheer perfection . . . leather leggings, furry vests, and layers!

Which in turn brings me to my favorite Winter accessories . . . BOOTS!  I happen to be the very lucky sister to my baby sis, who works for Vans & Reef (same parent company VF) and Christmas came EARLY for me!!! Look at these amazing new boots by Reef that I got from her!!! Not only are they beautfiul in person but they have their Bella Costa quilted footbeds which are seriously like walking on clouds!!! Do yourself a favor and try a pair on; you will fall in love and be addicted (they do flats too!)  

Have a fantastic weekend . . . you can follow me on Instagram (poppymum) for weekend updates!


Catchin Up!

Just some bits and bobs from the past weekend . . .

I look so wiped out in this pic!!! Park morning, after the gym, with my girls . . . Rocket balloons and a picnic!!! 

 Got these great little sandals in the mail and they are so comfy! Look so much like a Chloe sandal!

You all know how much I love my Turkish towels so it will be no surprise I bought more!  I got this sweet pink one for the girls bathroom and I love it!  Also found this little trellis glass dish at Michael's for $3 . . .

Loving my new Target C9 running capri's . . . I have them in the mixed metal, black and hot pink!  They feel amazing and suck you in!!!  Also loving my F21 top!

I am thinking its about time to get some new tennis shoes (mainly because I want new bright fun ones) . . . . I am diggin some of these . . . 

Summer lovin . . .

With summer in full swing I thought I would share with you some things I am loving this summer with my girls . . . 

We have had this Jewel CD on repeat since the beginning of June . . . it is perfect for the car or playing out back because the songs are funny and have great stories and parents love it because it is Jewel's fantastic bluesy voice! "Sammy the Spider" is a household favorite!!! I catch myself singing it without the girls around . . .

These floaties are awesome and come in lots of different colors and animals designs!! My mum found them when their pool was finished being built and I honestly have not found anything else like them.  We tried the life-vests, the swimsuits with the floaties in them, the float armbands, the rings and all of them left me still terrified to blink when my girls were in the pool BUT these beauties are the BOMB!! (They are also US Coast Guard-approved when worn on boats)

Since the girls are in the water almost everyday this summer I am loving this new "wet" sunscreen from Neutrogena. It does not smear or run off like other sunscreens when you are putting it on wet squirmy little bodies!

I also love sun-sticks for my girls faces because lotion ALWAYS gets in their eyes and then there are always tears shed which makes it worse!!! These little sticks take all that away! (Neutrogena has one too) 

Have a Fab Weekend!!!

Back in the saddle

Hot damn summer is busy!  Sorry for the lack of posts peeps but things got a little cray-cray around here what with the long holiday weekend, our baby girls "2" birthday party on the 5th and the girls starting soccer and gymnastics!

Birthday Girl giving some attitude!

One of her favorite gifts; a sleeping bag from her big sister!

There is still a lot coming up too!!! Mr. Hotpants and I are going on a little minication next weekend to The Parker Palm Springs . . . I can't wait!! We so need this . . .

then we are throwing a little "Celebrate Baby-On-the-Way" for my sister-in-law who is due with her second little baby boy in early September . . . these photos are giving me some inspiration; we are thinking a beautiful veranda lunch followed by some lounging and spa pampering!

As for me I have been trying to get back into healthy eating, working out and relaxing . . . I ate way to many delicious dishes washed down with margaritas and prosecco last week!!!

 Homemade kale chips! kale, olive oil, pink sea salt, red pepper flakes; oven at 350 for 10-15 minutes (until crispy)

 My weekly batch of juice - carrots, pineapple, romaine, spinach, lime, apples, pears!

Cozying up in bed with a good magazine and some hot water with lemon

Some park time with these two little pita pockets! . . . running around after them and then doing a little nature walk with them is a great little workout!

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