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Sorry I haven't been around lately . . . between work, this heat-wave, getting in some cuddle-time with my girls and Mr.Hotpants I have just let the days slip by!

Anyhoo . . . I went to F21 the other day and picked up a few staple items, nothing trendy or fancy, just loungy . . . 

I am a sucker for soft thin sweats and these are perfect!

I am on the last day of my 30-day squat challenge and to be honest it was not that bad ... after I hit the 130/140 mark it definitely got harder but it is totally doable if you break your squats up and doing them thru-out the day.

I have also been trying to eat healthy and clean for the past few weeks and I do feel less bloated and more clearheaded. . . . I made this the other day an it was delicious. Just take some romaine lettuce leaves, spoon in some chickpeas (cold), and add any other veg you wants; I did yellow cherry tomatoes, salt and pepper and then I topped it with Salsa Verde! The night before I did it with Pinto beans (hot) and a salsa fresca!!! 

This weekend is going to rock . . . we are spending the 4th at grandma & grandpas lounging by the pool, laying in the hammock, jumpin on the trampoline and eating some yummy food . . . ALL will be done with prosecco in hand!

Then on the 5th our little Ms. Harper is turning "2" and I cant believe it! I cant believe my baby is already two!!! I am in denial . . . and I am having baby-fever . . . ay ay ay!

I have to say I have not laughed so hard, so uncontrollably as I do now that little Ms. H is in our lives . . . She has to be one of the funniest, delicious little pumpkins I have ever met! She is an absolute delight . . . a diamond in the rough! We love you so much sweetpea! 

 Harper 2 weeks old . . .

Harper at 2mths . . .

Harper at 2yrs old . . . pardon the fuzzy pics

Have a fantastic 4th of July 
Thank you to all our Troops and their families who love and support them and share their loved ones with us!

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