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Back in the saddle

Hot damn summer is busy!  Sorry for the lack of posts peeps but things got a little cray-cray around here what with the long holiday weekend, our baby girls "2" birthday party on the 5th and the girls starting soccer and gymnastics!

Birthday Girl giving some attitude!

One of her favorite gifts; a sleeping bag from her big sister!

There is still a lot coming up too!!! Mr. Hotpants and I are going on a little minication next weekend to The Parker Palm Springs . . . I can't wait!! We so need this . . .

then we are throwing a little "Celebrate Baby-On-the-Way" for my sister-in-law who is due with her second little baby boy in early September . . . these photos are giving me some inspiration; we are thinking a beautiful veranda lunch followed by some lounging and spa pampering!

As for me I have been trying to get back into healthy eating, working out and relaxing . . . I ate way to many delicious dishes washed down with margaritas and prosecco last week!!!

 Homemade kale chips! kale, olive oil, pink sea salt, red pepper flakes; oven at 350 for 10-15 minutes (until crispy)

 My weekly batch of juice - carrots, pineapple, romaine, spinach, lime, apples, pears!

Cozying up in bed with a good magazine and some hot water with lemon

Some park time with these two little pita pockets! . . . running around after them and then doing a little nature walk with them is a great little workout!

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