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Palm Springs rundown

Our weekend at The Parker last week was exactly what the doctor ordered for Mr.Hotpants and I.  It felt great to have so much uninterrupted time together . . .  have long talks over breakfast and dinners, stroll down the main strip (to visit Marilyn) holding hands and people watching, and sleeping in together till 9:30am both days!!!!

 Perfect casual dinner outfit . . . cutoffs, tank, lacy bralette, CV clutch and messy hair!

 Loved the bathroom faucet in our room!

  Breakfast at Norma's both days! Insanely delicious

 I take these towels everywhere!!! Over my bikini leaving the pool area

 Dinner at Workshop Kitchen with my CV clutch

Marilyn!!! She used to be in Chicago and now she is in PS for a few years! She is HUGE . . . made out of aluminum

  Anyone who knows me, knows that I could live on sandwiches!!! This did not disappoint . . . 

Laying out with good reads, H2O, and quiet!

It was great to get home to these two munchkins . . . .

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